443 miles for $18.38

December 23, 2004

Prius displayWhen God is taking you through a trial, it can be helpful to figure out what he’s trying to form in you. The other day Kay said that God is teaching her how to ask for and receive help, whereas for me, the lesson God is trying to get into me is that I am not the provider for my family. If Kay is to be successful at her goal of retiring me, this is an important one for me to learn.

So here I am, unemployed and broke, and what does God do? He gives me the car of my dreams, a Toyota Prius. My dad, you see, had the original Prius but decided he really wanted the latest model, so he sold his old one to me at a great discount, saying I didn’t have to pay until we had the money.

I have never loved a car before. The Prius is a gas-electric hybrid with a little 10-gallon tank. The display shows the flow of energy at the moment. The gas engine can directly drive the wheels, or it can power the electric motor which either drives the wheels or stores energy in the battery. The engine and the motor often work together. Braking slows the car by spinning the electric motor, thus putting the braking energy into the battery. But I love it when it hits “the zone” shown in the picture, when the gasoline engine shuts off. It is more likely to enter “golf cart mode” in low-speed, stop-and-go traffic, so this is why its city mileage really is better than its highway mileage.

Yesterday I had to fill the tank for the first time. The display showed that I averaged 47.0 miles per gallon over the last 443 miles, since Kay filled the tank. I added just under 9-1/2 gallons. With gas prices in the Bay Area actually under 2 dollars (!), that means I paid $18.38 for the last 443 miles. Woo-hoo!

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

2 responses to 443 miles for $18.38

  1. Wow!!!! Wooo hooo!!! How great for you to get that car! God is gooood.
    Me thinks Jor is learning the same lesson…that GOD is the provider for this family!!
    PTL and what a great DAD we have.
    Merry Christmas, Jon! Love, Helen