9/11: Terror and Worship

September 11, 2011

WTC Tribute in Light

Ten years ago today, America — no, the world — was shaken by the coordinated terrorist attacks of 9/11. One worship leader was bold enough to redirect terror and fear into worship.

“We’ve seen the World Trade Center fall / And God, I want to fall at your feet.”

There was a three-day conference in Kansas City not long after the attack. David Ruis blended worship with intercession, and it was captured on the amazing album Wide Wide World, which remains of my all-time favorites. David’s style blends passion, artistry and technology with Spirit-led spontaneity.

Here’s a spontaneous section at the beginning of the album:

“Something’s caught our hearts, Lord
We’re not citizens here anymore
And I say with all humility, that it ain’t America that’s gonna save the world
There’s a flag that flies higher, it’s the flag of the Kingdom of Heaven.”
— end of “Wide Wide World”

And another at the end of the album:

“We’ve seen the fires fall in the Middle East
We see the fires fall in Afghanistan and Africa
We say there’s a fire that’s brighter, there’s a fire that burns hotter
There’s a fire that’s beyond the judgements of God, it’s the fire of his love
And he consumes his Church, he consumes his Bride
Rest in the fire now, you do not need to be afraid
His grace will sustain you through every situation
His grace will hold you no matter what your natural eye sees
Do not be troubled! Your God is holy!
He knows just what he’s doing, and he’s a sovereign king
We’ve seen the World Trade Center fall
And God, I want to fall at your feet
And I say you are the only source of health, the only source of wealth
The only source of hope, the only source of salvation
There is no other name under heaven by which we are saved
We say, “Come, Lord.” We stand on a sure foundation.
You are part of the kingdom that cannot be shaken
So as you see things shaking all around you:
Stand strong, stand strong, stand pure, hold your ground
You have not joined an organization, you have not signed up for another club
You are part of the holy, living, breathing, advancing, Church of the Kingdom of the Living God himself!”
— middle of “Shake the Heavens”

I sink back into the music, and my heart agrees: amen, amen.

What are your own reflections on the tenth anniversary of 9/11?

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

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