About Jon Reid (@jonmreid)

Thanks for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile. Let me tell you a little about myself and what I blog about.

My name is Jon Reid, and I write Blog One Another and tweet as @jonmreid.

You can read a little more about my spiritual background on the Blog One Another About page — but let me give you a wider glimpse of who I am and the blogs (plural) I write.

I’m a 50-year-old professional geek in Silicon Valley. My wife and I are both missionary kids from Japan, and we’ve been married for 26 years now. We have three children, all teenagers.

My blogs

I started blogging in 2003 as an experiment to see what blogging was, and whether it might be useful for spiritual formation. I called it Blog One Another.

I’m also passionate about programming, so in 2011 I started a second blog called Quality Coding focusing on iOS development. Its companion Twitter account is @qcoding. If you’re an iOS developer interested in “building quality in,” be sure to head over there.

Blog One Another


Blog One Another is a diary of my spiritual journey as I learn to navigate between the clashing forces of faith and culture. I’m interested in questions like:

  • Why is most evangelism a horrible experience?
  • By mimicking culture, have we created self-centered, passive, Consumer Christianity?
  • Why are Christianity and politics in bed with each other?
  • Could you follow Jesus without becoming a “Christian”?

I grew up as an American missionary kid in Japan, so I’m used to being pulled by two forces that don’t understand each other. That experience shaped me into a “third culture kid”: I belong to both cultures… but at the same time, I don’t really fit in either. That somewhat warped point of view carries over to where I fit between faith and culture. So I may surprise you from time to time.

If you feel stretched, squeezed, lost or just curious between faith and culture — whether you’re a Christian or an atheist — I invite you to share the journey with me and subscribe to Blog One Another.

On Twitter

twitter.pngYou must be interested in Twitter because you clicked through my Twitter profile. I’d enjoy connecting with you there through my @jonmreid Twitter account. It’s where I share passing thoughts and random links that are too short for a blog post.

If you’re new to Twitter, I’ve blogged about it as well; it’s an increasingly important part of culture, and another way for our lives to bounce off each other. So these blog posts I wrote might be helpful:

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— Jon