Air show

June 5, 2004

[boy in awe]How funny that Katherine (who just found my blog) and I were at the same air show on the same day! She has posted an excellent summary and a fine picture. I have a nearly identical photo, so instead of repeating what she has done, this is a picture of my son looking at what Katherine posted. Look at his expression. (Lacking Katherine’s foresight, I neglected to bring hats, sunglasses or sunblock, so we got nice and sunburned.)

Curiously, Birgit saw a similar show in Idaho — and the next day, one of the Thunderbirds crashed. Thanks for sharing the news article — check out the in-cockpit video. Yikes!

Katherine notes the “tastefully executed patriotic hype”. Well put. There was a lot of patriotism in general, which I am not ashamed of. I choked up listening to the historic D-Day accounts. I applauded enthusiastically when people in the crowd who have served in the armed forces were recognized. I was in awe at the skill of the pilots. But one thing that left a poor taste in my mouth was an announcement that a jet team (prior to the Thunderbirds) would execute a maneuver “in honor of those serving overseas in the war on terror.” And so the myth is perpetuated. War on terror? You mean that thing in Iraq that has nothing to do with 9/11 whatsoever?

Jon Reid

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