Back from The Sessions

September 8, 2003

[candles in the prayer room]I’m back. Still tired and excited. My photos. I have so much to say that it’s difficult to express.

Thank you, Kay, for sending me.

Thank you, Jared & Regina, for letting me stay at your place. I love you guys.

Thank you, “Bridgies,” for working so hard and being great hosts. I have never before seen a conference that created community.

Thank you, Jesus, for capturing my heart again. It always comes back to you, doesn’t it?

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

12 responses to Back from The Sessions

  1. thanks for the pics they help put a face

  2. Thank you jon, for coming and adding to the dynamic of the dialogues. I look forward to listening to you unpack what you experienced. And thanks again for the gifts…

  3. BTW Jon, great pics…some of those shots are incredible–except of course for the ones of me. But I think that goes without saying.

  4. oh jon…did you “really” say the “v” word ? I wasn’t in the room….

  5. Yeah Craig, right into the microphone in the context of corporate worship!

  6. It was….AWESOME!!

  7. So when will your thoughts be posted, Jon? On that note, when will anyone’s be posted?! Come on!! Don’t leave me hanging!
    By the way, by “v” word, did you say what I think you said? If so, I’m proud of someone using the term “vasectomy” in a worshipful context.

  8. Jeph: vagina. Say it with feeling.

  9. Hilarious. I figured that’s what it was…but was afraid to say it…but now I will…

  10. ahhhh…my virgin ears…I can’t handle it. I stepped out of the room just minutes before the comments….I really wish I was there…oh well have to wait for the DVD.

  11. Say – how was the meetup indi-allies meeting?
    Did you get to talk about Soliton?
    Mike O

  12. Thanks for posting the pics, Jon.