October 1, 2004


6:30 – Alarm goes off.
6:45 – Roll out of bed. Start getting the kids up.
7:00 – Trying to get everyone to the table for breakfast. I don’t eat much because I am busy making peanut butter sandwiches for the kids’ lunches.
7:30 – Come on, time to leave the table!
7:45 – Get everyone out the door. Kay is taking the kids to school this morning because she has a meeting right afterwards. I finally get a bit more breakfast.
8:00 – Clean up breakfast. Start cleaning the house, because it is being appraised in the afternoon. We want to “stage” the house somewhat, making everything appear brighter and roomier as if it were going up for sale.

9:30 – Kay joins me in cleaning. She’s better at pushing things around in new ways, I’m better at maintenance like vacuuming.
10:10 – Time to wrap up, we have a meeting.
10:30 – Meet with our pastors to discuss church finances. It can be hard to be a small church, but Kay & I (especially Kay) has some ideas on how small churches can have multiple revenue streams (that is, more than just weekly offerings).
12:00 – Had a great time, but now it’s time to split.
12:20 – Get home to do more cleaning. I mow the lawns.
1:30 – The appraiser is here. I turn on all the lights inside the house. Kay walks him around. If all goes well, we will reduce our monthly payments and get a chunk of cash to live on.
2:00 – Appraiser is gone. Time to grab a bit of lunch.
2:40 – It’s time to pick up the kids. Thursday is piano day. I normally take the girls to piano, but we have band practice tonight and I still don’t have any clue what we’re doing on Sunday, so I need to work on that. So Kay takes the girls to piano for a change.
3:05 – I pick up Trevor at school.
3:30 – Back home. I start working on Sunday, but Trevor needs me to quiz him on his spelling words. 4:00 – Darn it, I was going to ask Pastor Dave what he was going to talk about on Sunday — it helps me come up with musical ideas. Oh wait, there’s an email from him, that’ll do.
4:30 – The ideas have come together. Now I work on assembling the set list and charts for the band.
5:30 – I’m mostly done with my preparations. Kay has asked me to run out to our local Japanese restaurant and pick up supper, since she’s not home as she usually is on Thursdays.
6:30 – Kay’s back later than we hoped because piano lessons started later. We snarf down supper.
6:50 – I leave ahead of Kay because I have to be at practice sooner. She will come later with the kids.
7:05 – Make it to band practice. Distribute the set lists and new charts. Set up my gear. I also set up our laptop with a movie for the kids to watch when they get there.
7:20 – Kay’s running late, we’d better get started. A couple of the band members have not done one of the newer songs, so we listen to it. Kay comes in as we’re listening and gets the kids set up with the movie.
8:30 – We’ve had a good practice, mostly working on the new songs. The band is very patient with my introducing at least one new song every time I lead, sometimes two. But I’ve grown tired of the standard repertoire and am working to build a new one as fast as I can — and they’re so skillful, they can learn a song in practice and pull it off on Sunday. There’s no need to run the entire set, and everyone seems ready to quit, so we quit. Kay leaves ahead of me, taking the kids home, so I can pack up and close up.
9:00 – I make it home in time to help Kay tuck in the kids. What a day.

Some days I don’t blog because I don’t have much to say. Other days, I don’t blog because I don’t have any time to sit in front of a computer! …Honestly, how does anyone have time to have a job?

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

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  1. Ha ha! That answers the question “what do you do all day?” 🙂