Calibrating your battery (and your spirit)

January 14, 2009

The battery on my MacBook Pro is probably getting a bit old. The main problem is that the “time remaining” estimate was way off. Following Apple’s description of how to calibrate the battery, I let it drain until it was practically empty (1 minute left), then shut down my computer and left it alone for five hours.

Sure, I could have left it overnight. But I did it during the day as an experiment, a kind of fast. I have to say, it’s not as uncomfortable as a food fast, but the benefits are still noticeable. It comes right when I am making a conscious effort to remain calm about not hearing back from Google. I meditated on Psalm 27. I worked out. I took a nap. I picked up my kids from their schools (the ones that aren’t sick, anyway).

So I see the benefits of fasting from technology. But technology may not be the thing you lean on for comfort. As followers of Christ (and as faith communities), we can probably stand to increase our “fasting vocabulary.”

I think I have achieved zen detachment from the need to get this job.
God, that means I’m ready for you to give me this job already!

Update: Maybe the battery is hosed. It didn’t quite get to fully charged, then the magsafe connector started flashing back and forth between green (charged) and amber (charging). Running on a supposedly nearly full battery, it says I have one hour of battery time. Well, maybe that means the estimate is more accurate.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

2 responses to Calibrating your battery (and your spirit)

  1. One of the things I have noticed about my weekends is that I am not on this laptop. I just enjoy my kids and wife while “fasting from the technology.” It’s amazing how much life gets shoved in the margins when you are on the computer all the time.

  2. Kevin, you’re a good man.