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This video summarizes what I learned from CityTeam’s DMM training. It’s still easy for me to fall back on old habits (left column: evangelize), but I’m really trying to get myself towards the right side (right column: disciple).

My initial baby steps on the disciple-making side led me to meet regularly with a non-Christian friend at work. We’re discovering together what it means to apply the Bible to our lives. When we first met, I told him, “It’s not so much that we’re reading the Bible — more that it’s reading us.”

So, what do you think of the video?

Prayer Team Needed

September 2, 2013

I need a team of people praying

In the past six months, I’ve gone through two rounds of Cityteam’s training in Disciple Making Movements (or DMM, see In a nutshell, the idea is to shift from evangelism (where the goal is “making a decision”), to helping someone start following Jesus daily (a disciple). The new disciple is trained to bring others into that daily obedience to Christ’s leading — all before any “conversion” occurs.

This process is totally dependent on prayer. At the end of the training, our DMM coach encouraged us to raise up our own networks of prayer support. That’s why I write this. If you want to pray, let me know, and I’ll add you to my email list.  Continue Reading…

Erin & Kay getting started on litter pick-up

Erin & Kay ready to begin picking up litter

Did we meet the woman at the well? In the course of picking up litter, Kay & I got to pray for a woman who told us, “The man I’m with, he’s not my husband.”

The project

“I’m a Christian, too. But I’m… backslidden.”

Our church is preparing to move into its own facility. As part of the preparations, a “scout team” was formed to pray through our new neighborhood, learning its needs, and finding ways to minister. We don’t want to be a church that isn’t actually part of the neighborhood. We want to be good neighbors, blessing the community in Jesus’ name.  Continue Reading…

Three-legged race

Running together, not solo

I’ve written about Cityteam before, and how they reshaped their entire organization around Church Planting Movements, where the good news of Jesus Christ spreads virally. We hear of such movements around the world, but they’re the only group I know of that has seen true viral growth here in North America. So when they take what they’ve learned in the past few years and turn it into training, I pay attention!

They changed the term from CPM to Disciple Making Movements. And they’re calling this training idisciple Seminars. These include Awareness Seminars (a brief introduction) and Basic Training (hands-on). Is your city on the list?

  • Lake Oswego, OR
  • Portland
  • Lawrenceville, GA
  • San Jose
  • Philadelphia
  • Minneapolis

I’m clearing my calendar for the San Jose training! What about you? Check out their training events page. Continue Reading…

Why promote "safe Halloween" it's not dangerous?

For Halloween this year, I decided to dress up to make distributing candy more fun. But we only had a trickle of trick-or-treaters. With time to kill, I went to hang out with a spontaneous clump of neighbors.

The older couple next door who has lived here the longest said, “Oh, back in the day, we used to have lots of kids come through.”

“What happened to change that?” I asked.

“Well, churches and schools started hosting Halloween events, you know.”

And it hit me. In an effort to create “safe Halloween” events, these groups are sucking the life out of neighborhoods. Continue Reading…

Kay developed an online friendship with a Mormon couple, and last month we traveled to Salt Lake City to meet them. Here are some photos from our trip…

Family Book of Mormon

Family Book of Mormon

Remember big, heavy family Bibles, with pages at the beginning to record family information? This is like those. Except that it’s not.

Salt Lake City Temple

With Kay outside the Temple

Temples play an important role in the Mormon faith. Among their “ordinances” (what we would call “sacraments”), some can be performed only in temples, including:

  • Sealing: Binding a married couple to each other for eternity.
  • Baptism on behalf of the dead: That they, too, might be saved. Continue Reading…

Off to Mormonland!

November 9, 2011

Salt Lake Temple

Kay & I are flying off to Utah. Salt Lake City. Kay became close friends online with a Mormon couple and has been in extended conversations about their life and beliefs. She read the Book of Mormon, cover to cover.

We’ll get to meet our new friends face-to-face for the first time. I’m expecting to

  • Hang out with the couple (and their kids)
  • Meet their extended family
  • Eat with them
  • Visit Temple Square
  • Go with them to their church, for three whole hours!

I’ve no idea how we’re going to fit that all into such a short visit. It should be an adventure, like visiting a foreign land where everyone speaks American English and is perfectly groomed.

If you happen to be in Salt Lake City this weekend, we’ll be the ones desperately seeking a coffee shop.

Photo by More Good Foundation (license)

Kay tried to steer a conversation with Jehovah’s Witnesses into relational honesty. It was… spectacular…

Continue Reading...

My church wants to bring people in. But I want to break the good news of Jesus Christ out.

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Michael Gungor rants against Christian sub-culture. I like this guy.

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