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In my ongoing disappointment at not getting a job, this music video of Psalm 55:22 refreshes me and gives me hope to continue.

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Where is the line between a “Christian artist” and an “artist who happens to be Christian”?

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The words to “Smells like Teen Spirit” have been a mystery over the years. At last, they are sung in a way we can understand.

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I saw the world premiere of Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman. I was moved, troubled, and inspired.

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New genres of Songsmith art

February 5, 2009


On the heels of my previous Songsmith post:

The creators of Songsmith could not have imagined the novel ways their program might be applied to create new forms of art! Doing a search on YouTube reveals a growing number of entertaining music videos. But here’s a new twist: What happens if you generate notes from stock charts?

Fun with Songsmith

January 25, 2009

SongsmithFound on Slashdot: Microsoft has come out with a new music program called Songsmith. All you do is set the tempo, and sing, and it comes up with a chord progression in the accompaniment style of your choice!

After watching the engaging infomercial, I had to download it and give it a try. The results are curious, but it really does try to match your pitch, whatever it is. And so I give you my new composition, Feel the Beat! (Apologies to Strongbad.)

Songsmith is being relentlessly mocked, but I have to admit, it’s kind of fun. The demo lasts only six hours, though — an awfully short time-bomb. I wonder how much it costs? No, no, I’m not going there.

And thanks to Internet culture, a new category of music is born. Check out this new version of Tom Sawyer by Rush. Oh, oh, and White Wedding by Billy Idol!

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Lamb of God

December 5, 2008

Agnus DeiI had quite forgotten about this old recording, which is a quick once-through of the verse and chorus of the first song I wrote for corporate worship. The song itself is my interpretation of the Agnus Dei, written in 1999. We used it often and it became well-worn, so I made this sparse recording in 2006 to help the band give it a new drive.

Maybe I’ll do a proper recording of the whole song someday, but I thought I’d put up what I have: Lamb of God

Update: I posted the guitar chart as well as the audio recording

Twenty Years

November 28, 2008

old recordHere’s a new song that was triggered by hearing an old song:
Twenty Years

This is my second GarageBand recording. I think that when I used Pro Tools, I spent a lot of energy focusing on the minute twiddling (and not knowing quite how to twiddle). GarageBand seems to be unlocking my creativity by letting me focus on the music instead. In any case, this is a big leap from one song every two years!

Cyborg Mama

October 22, 2008

CyborgWell, another recording by yours truly. I usually come up with music and struggle to find words, but this time the words of the first verse popped into my head as Kay was showing me how she has come to depend on her iPhone. In a rare fit of inspiration, the song was written in a day.

Cyborg Mama. A love song.

Billy Cobham

October 11, 2008

I feel ancient synapses of musical memory unlocking lately. I formed my jazz tastes listening to Billy Cobham’s album “A Funky Thide of Sings” (1975) and the Billy Cobham and George Duke Band “Live on Tour in Europe” (1976).

I just found a video of Cobham/Duke playing together again in 1998. My gosh, Billy Cobham has only gotten better over the years. This one’s for my drummer friends; you know who you are.