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Last month, America celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Bill Maher, that mocker of religion who created the mockumentary Religulous, had a few choice words for evangelical Christians:

New rule: If you’re a Christian who supports killing your enemies, and torture, you have to come up with a new name for yourself.

…But you see, I can say that, because I’m a non-Christian — just like most Christians.

If you’re easily offended: take a pass.
The rest of you: discuss.

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Jesus says Occupy Wall Street

Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and Jesus Christ? A series of tweets and Facebook posts led me to a surprising discovery…

“If Jesus communicated kingdom stories/parables in our context today, what stories would he tell?” This is the question J.R. Briggs posed on Twitter. He followed it up with 11 surprising parables. Here’s my own tweeted contribution:

But things didn’t stop there, and this parable came back to haunt me. The kingdom of God is like… Occupy Wall Street? Continue Reading…

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry released this, uh, amazing ad entitled “Strong.”

I find it remarkable that in just 30 seconds, he can tweak my sensibilities in so many ways. Thankfully, Jesus responded with his own video: Continue Reading…

I wear T-shirts to work every day. So why am I wearing this purple, buttoned shirt? The buttons have no significance, but they help me highlight a special day. It’s October 20. I’m wearing purple for Spirit Day.

I'm wearing purple for Spirit Day

A number of gay teenagers committed suicide in September 2010 after being bullied. In response, teenager Brittany McMillan started Spirit Day. It’s as a way to show support for LGBT youth who are bullied and harassed. Wearing purple is a simple gesture, but I hope it sends a message: “You’re important to me. You’re important to a God who loves you.” Continue Reading…

9/11: Terror and Worship

September 11, 2011

Worship leader David Ruis redirected the terror and fear of 9/11 into worship, as captured on this amazing album.

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Osama bin Laden has been killed. Should we rejoice? Or can we learn the Way of Jesus from Doctor Who?

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My ballot was larger than usual, so voting took me two nights. Set aside enough time to do your homework. A good election needs your voice.

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An open letter to Muslims from a follower of Jesus: My part of a campaign to offer goodwill on the anniversary of 9/11.

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Are You a Racist?

August 23, 2010

Dr. Laura’s n-word rant has had some positive effects: It got me thinking about racism again. In particular, her apology — and her radio guest questioning the apology — made me wonder why people are so quick to deny racism.

This video explores the question of denial. Mind you, I think most people are sincere in their denials — they truly believe that they have given no cause for offense. But racism is not so much about offense as it is about power. And when you are unaware of your own power and the affect that it has on others… well, that’s a blind spot called white privilege.

Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

I have two recommendations for removing that blind spot:

  1. Pray. Give God permission to show you your own heart.
  2. Read Black Like Me. Get it from your library, or order it from Amazon.

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I’ve transcribed this video for people who prefer to read.

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An open letter to Dr. Laura: Why is the n-word off limits if you’re not black? Maybe a word I grew up hearing in Japan will help you understand.

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