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A “word cloud” of my last post about #Occupy looks like computer-generated prophetic poetry!

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I have lots to blog, but have been busy working on my church’s social sites.

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What can be done to prevent laptop theft? And what can be done to recover a stolen laptop?

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Erin sez 4

February 21, 2009

“What’s a pager?”

New genres of Songsmith art

February 5, 2009


On the heels of my previous Songsmith post:

The creators of Songsmith could not have imagined the novel ways their program might be applied to create new forms of art! Doing a search on YouTube reveals a growing number of entertaining music videos. But here’s a new twist: What happens if you generate notes from stock charts?

Fun with Songsmith

January 25, 2009

SongsmithFound on Slashdot: Microsoft has come out with a new music program called Songsmith. All you do is set the tempo, and sing, and it comes up with a chord progression in the accompaniment style of your choice!

After watching the engaging infomercial, I had to download it and give it a try. The results are curious, but it really does try to match your pitch, whatever it is. And so I give you my new composition, Feel the Beat! (Apologies to Strongbad.)

Songsmith is being relentlessly mocked, but I have to admit, it’s kind of fun. The demo lasts only six hours, though — an awfully short time-bomb. I wonder how much it costs? No, no, I’m not going there.

And thanks to Internet culture, a new category of music is born. Check out this new version of Tom Sawyer by Rush. Oh, oh, and White Wedding by Billy Idol!

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The battery on my MacBook Pro is probably getting a bit old. The main problem is that the “time remaining” estimate was way off. Following Apple’s description of how to calibrate the battery, I let it drain until it was practically empty (1 minute left), then shut down my computer and left it alone for five hours.

Sure, I could have left it overnight. But I did it during the day as an experiment, a kind of fast. I have to say, it’s not as uncomfortable as a food fast, but the benefits are still noticeable. It comes right when I am making a conscious effort to remain calm about not hearing back from Google. I meditated on Psalm 27. I worked out. I took a nap. I picked up my kids from their schools (the ones that aren’t sick, anyway).

So I see the benefits of fasting from technology. But technology may not be the thing you lean on for comfort. As followers of Christ (and as faith communities), we can probably stand to increase our “fasting vocabulary.”

I think I have achieved zen detachment from the need to get this job.
God, that means I’m ready for you to give me this job already!

Update: Maybe the battery is hosed. It didn’t quite get to fully charged, then the magsafe connector started flashing back and forth between green (charged) and amber (charging). Running on a supposedly nearly full battery, it says I have one hour of battery time. Well, maybe that means the estimate is more accurate.

Facebook status feed

December 26, 2008

How to find the RSS feed of your Facebook status so it can be seen outside of Facebook.

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Facebook status for 1 month

September 20, 2008

Facebook status

One of the things I enjoy about Facebook is the status updates. Twitter started it, I suppose, but you can think of it as micro-blogging: one-line updates about your activities or mood. So for you non-Facebook people, here’s a snapshot of my past month. Well, more like a sequence of snapshots. Like a flip-book.

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Prius displayThe kids are back in school, and that means Kay is back in driving mode. As I learned from first-hand experience, she does a lot more driving than I.

So as much as she loves her Odyssey and I my Prius, we have swapped cars in order to save money. Yes, the rising cost of gas is leading to lifestyle changes.

I still have trouble parking the minivan in the garage at work. But Kay seems to have adjusted quite easily, mocking the large trucks and SUVs in the pick-up lines at each school with the gusto of a seasoned Pious driver!