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More types of connections are possible on Twitter than on Facebook.

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Before you follow even one person, tweet something. Otherwise people can’t judge whether to follow you back.

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Things I wish someone had told me when I was first getting started on Twitter

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Why Twitter?

Twitter. Does it conjure images of people sharing meaningless trivia online, like “Brushed my teeth” or “Walking the dog” or “Had pizza for dinner”? This impression is fairly common among non-Twitter-users. But if that’s true, why is Twitter growing and getting media attention?

These are questions I asked myself. A related question was, “Since I’m using Facebook, why would I ever want Twitter?”

Questions, questions

If you’re on the outside looking in, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Here’s a series of posts explaining the things that piqued my interest, and the learning process they took me through:

  1. Why Twitter: Flight 1549 and viral news
  2. Why Twitter: Conference participation
  3. Twitter vs. Facebook
  4. Twitter is not Facebook Lite

What about you? What questions do you have why Twitter is important or how it works?

(If you’re ready to give Twitter a try, see my series Before You Sign Up for Twitter, followed by Twitter Practical How-to’s.)

Twitter backgrounds are generally a bad idea because they make false assumptions about the width of your browser window.

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Set your profile before you use Twitter, so that people who know you can verify that it’s you, and people who don’t know you will have a positive first impression.

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Twitter names are like name tag

How do people choose good Twitter names? Here are some practical tips: where to start, when to start… even which characters to use!

Get a Twitter name, even if you’re undecided about Twitter

If you read my Why Twitter? series, you may be somewhat curious to find out what Twitter is like. Ultimately, there is no way to know without trying it. Twitter isn’t for everybody, any more than blogging or Facebook or what-have-you, and there’s no shame in that. But if you are still reading, that alone qualifies you as a possible fit — so go for it! Hey, it’s free.

If you’re still undecided, let me give you the nudge I wish someone had given me: There is a window of opportunity to grab the Twitter names of your choice, and that window is closing. Why did I choose “jonmreid” with the M, instead of “jonreid”? Because I was too late — “jonreid” was already taken because I dilly-dallied. It’s kind of like the early days of the Internet, when there was a rush on domain names, except this time it’s for good Twitter names. Sign up, especially if your name is a kind of brand.

Did I mention that Twitter is free?

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Twitter vs. Facebook

February 10, 2009

Twitter and Facebook are quite different. If Facebook is like a reunion, then Twitter is like a cocktail party.

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There is more to Twitter than just useless updates. Somehow, people are using it for dialog and collective awareness.

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The photo of the airplane in the Hudson River changed my understanding of what Twitter was and how it worked.

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