Chad Estes on Christians and Earth Day

April 22, 2010

Earth Day

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Chad Estes writes Captain’s Blog, “A journey from fear to love, from rules to relationship, and from religion to freedom.” We haven’t met, but share mutual friends who moved from my town to his. With April 22nd being Earth Day, Chad just posted Thoughts on Christians and Earth Day. He writes,

I’m perturbed at the conservatives who act as if global warming is a myth and then continue in reckless practices and behaviors.

I’m perturbed at the environmentalists who attempt to spin scientific data and use fear-based methods to try and change people’s behaviors.

I’m perturbed at the Christians who ignore the environment because they think it was created for them to use up.

There’s more that perturbs him. Here’s the comment I left there:

I am working at a company that takes the environment really seriously. They don’t even give us trash cans at our desks; we are expected to compost or recycle instead. When I have trash, I have to make an effort to dispose of it.

Other companies in this area are becoming increasingly environmentally friendly. I know, I’ve worked at some of them. For corporations, it’s sort of a bragging right.

But the only church I know of that both teaches and leads by example is the Boise Vineyard.

Why are businesses doing more than churches?

Go on over and read the rest of what Chad has to say.

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