Church Boredom

November 10, 2003

[Big yawn]Without pride, I’d say that I’m not a bad worship leader, not bad at all. I led this past Sunday. I got big thank-yous from the guy who preached (who heads up worship at our church) and from a worship leader from Canada. Musically, we rocked.

But I was frustrated. Lately, I’ve been restless during our worship services. It is easy to say that when you’re sitting on your butt listening to someone else talk. (Bear in mind that we have an excellent pastor, with great messages that emphasize the call to learn humility.) But to be bored when I’m the worship leader is a new experience, because I’m very passionate about touching the heart of God!

And I thought I was done with my transition from being a good conservative evangelical Christian to an emerging post-modern freakazoid. Evidently not. And if I, an “immigrant” in the new land, feel bored, how much more would a “native” leave thinking, “That did absolutely nothing for me”?

It sure feels like God is doing something, leading me to… what?

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

15 responses to Church Boredom

  1. what do you think might be the cause of your boredom?

  2. What do you plan to do about it?

  3. Sorry to change the subject but… is that YOU yawning?

  4. Jared: An excellent question. If I share these thoughts with my pastor, that will certainly be his first question. Initial thoughts: I want less sit-and-listen and more touchy-feely. I want fewer answers and more questions. I want less cut-and-dry and more mystery.
    Kreek’t: Agh! My questioning has been found by someone on the worship team!
    Greg: No. I find most of my images using Google’s image search. This one is from a search on “yawn”.

  5. Jon:
    I think that’s a great answer–or at least a start. You’re definitely not alone…
    much love on your continual journey. Sure could’ve used a cup of coffay and conversation with you today.

  6. when you decide what you are going to change, let me know.
    I need to change something, too.
    I just don’t know what.
    Still job hunting.

  7. If church wasn’t boring where else would we think about what to have for lunch, or make a “to do” list for the week, or doodle or fill in all the spaces within letters in the bulletin or figure out our next lesson for the home group … well … I don’t have time for all this stuff I need a boring church service! I say, “Here, here” for the boring church service!

  8. Too funny! (Or sad?) Well, I’m laughing either way.

  9. Maybe “natives” are bored too. Are you looking for an engaging experience? Are you demanding an engaging experience? Most would suggest your spirit is dry, but after reading Job I’m afraid to suggest anything as a friend.

  10. I suppose you could say I feel dry during our church service. Not always — what I find remarkable is that I, Mr. Ultra-Committed, would feel any dryness at all. I also find it interesting that I do not feel this at all with our home group. When we gather, I’m wet, wet, wet!
    Am I looking for an engaging experience? Yes. Am I demanding an engaging experience? My initial nice Christian response is, “No, I’m not making demands, that would be presumptuous of me.” But after my recent experience of wrestling with God, I have to say: “Heck yeah! This is *God* we’re talking about.”

  11. I agree. My belief isn’t that God is holding out on you. My belief is that God created you for more than you can imagine. He is creating an identifiable longing in you that will lead you to a deeper realization of who you are and what your eternal purpose is.
    It would be tempting just to try and create more experiences, more opportunities for worshippers to respond, but I would say this is deeper than that. This is an issue of the heart. Wrestle on.

  12. Have you read Len’s blog the past couple of days? He’s got a lot of food for thought regarding worship in our day. Check it out and chew on it a bit.

  13. Jon:
    I like what you are doing here. Good conversations. Have you read “Liquid Church” yet? I have it on my reading list, but I have to get through “Liquid Modernity” first.
    “Reinvention is the essence of continued existence.” — me

  14. Thanks for dropping in, Matt. Your voice would be welcome around here.
    Everyone else, go check out Matt’s blog. Looks tasty!

  15. I’ll give yah a hint at what needs to be changed its in the first four lines.