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April 25, 2009

I want each person who reads blog one another to leave a comment. Please listen to the instructions in the video:

(If you are unable to listen to the video, email me and I’ll tell you what I said.)

Important: I do not want this skewed to long-time readers who know me. If you are not a regular reader, if you come by only occasionally, if you happened to come here while doing a search for something else, I want to hear from you.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

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  1. I am Rob. Jon was the lead rocker in a scrappy band of worshiping malcontents, while I sat in the back and played the low notes. Now I virtually stalk Jon and wish that he didn’t reefer to me as a voice from his past. Now I am someone wondering around nearby who was forever changed by the times that we shared together.
    Oh yea and I know you said not to say it but Happy Birthday Anyway.

  2. Happy Birthday! (Yes, I know I wasn’t supposed to do that.) I’m Iris, and I’m your niece, so I like keeping up with what you’re thinking about and doing.

  3. Rob, you can stalk me, but I don’t know about that reefer businessÒ€¦

  4. Iris, you get to be the token family member here. And it’s partly your fault that I got involved on Twitter. But I won’t cave in to FriendFeed, you hear me?

  5. Aww, c’mon. You know you wanna… All the cool kids are doing it. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m Andrea, and my husband Kaz met Jon when he was in San Jose on a business trip, and then God subsequently called us to Japan via San Jose (for 9 months). One reason I knew it was God is that we already had these connections in San Jose. So it is part of our story of how God got us to Japan to church plant. I read this blog because I like to keep up with these guys who took us under their wing when we felt like, “who would want to invest in a relationship with us when they know we are temporary?” Plus they speak Japanese and have a heart for Japan!

  7. I’m Carol and I know you from a couple of different Vineyard churches in San Jose. I read your blog because when I originally logged on to read your blog, you were talking about church and the truth about ‘where church happens’. I continue to read your blog because you have a really cool perspective about…well…stuff. πŸ™‚ I won’t say “Happy Birthday” because I know you don’t want that, but I will wish you a WONDERFUL day tomorrow.

  8. I’m Frances, I met Jon at the Journey Church a couple of years back. I read this blog because I genuinely enjoy reading Jon’s thoughts on many subjects, especially theology and the church. I have a deep respect for the approach Jon takes: openness to new ideas and challenges tempered with a rare maturity and depth. Plus, I appreciate his transparency in sharing his feelings and struggles (like his psalm).
    I frequently find myself thinking, “I’d love to discuss this subject with Jon and Kay,” which doesn’t happen in person nearly often enough. Reading (and commenting) on this blog gives me the opportunity to have those conversations a bit more regularly.

  9. I’m David, lurking in (from?) Switzerland. I met Jon through VCF San Jose, while helping with the musical/technical side of Sunday morning when we sang to & about God, and during which time we hopefully worshiped. What some would call “on the worship team” πŸ™‚

  10. … oops, forgot to say why I follow this blog. Not only out of interest in the life of a guy who I like, but also for the good mix of tech, spirituality taken seriously, and the many random oddities you post!

  11. 1. Andrea AKA Yellow
    2. Through “church”
    3. Interesting view on religion, honest view of life, realistic view of interacting with others
    Happy Birthday!

  12. Hi everyone, I’m Keith.
    I met Jon online in 1993, via an eMail listserv discussion about the spiritual/musical aspects of this activity called worship. That was so long ago he was @uiuc, and I was using elm. For those of you who are too young to remember elm as an eMail client, perhaps it would help if I told you it was based on vi. If you’ve never heard of either, then referencing the fact that I was on a WICKED-FAST 14.4k connection and spent the rest of my time browsing BBSs and using gopher would not impress you in the slightest.
    We lost contact with one another and then one day some years later (2000? 2001?) in Scotts Valley, CA at a small gathering of real physical people to discuss and practice the spiritual/musical aspects of this activity called worship, a guy walked up and introduced himself as Jon Reid. And I said Wait — YOU’RE Jon REID!!!! And he was all, “Uh, yeah, I just said that” and I was all “I’m Keith Seckel!” and he was all “Oh, OK, Hi Keith (shakes my hand)” and I’m all “No, no — you don’t understand! I’M KEITH SECKEL and YOU’RE JOHN REID!” at which point, carefully backing away and glancing toward the exits, Jon says “Yeeeaaaaahhhhh, OOoooookkkkkk…” and I said something about the listserv back in 1993 and he got it — here we were, two people who’d known each other and had long electronic conversations about our similarities in theology and experience — but randomly meeting in person and finding out we lived less than 30 minutes from each other.
    And I’ve never seen him again! LOL!
    Now my wife and I live in Salem, Oregon where we’re continuing to experiment with this lifelong activity called following Jesus and trying to pattern our lives after His model. I read Blog One Another because Jon’s practice of these things is inspirational to me. Not because he has it all together but because he doesn’t. Like me, he is pondering and wrestling and struggling and dancing and jumping and just loping along in this thing — so his honesty and transparency are refreshing and I think it is neat-o (there I go, showing how old I am again!) that 16 years later we’re still on convergent courses toward a King’s throne-room somewhere in the ancient-future.
    Along the way we’ve met some mutual friends and spiritual guides and I’m delighted to call Jon a friend and brother.

  13. I’m Rachel, and I know Jon because he worked with my husband at Adobe, and because he hangs out with the cool kids every now and then. πŸ˜‰
    Back when everybody had a blog, I put all my friends’ blogs into Bloglines to keep up with them, and now Jon’s is one of the few that still has new posts on a semi-regular basis. I like keeping up with what my friends are thinking about & talking about, so I try to read the new material when it gets posted.

  14. Hi, I’m Karen. I just discovered your blog this weekend when I was participating in the forum on Problogger’s BBB31D so I don’t know much about you yet. I looked at your About Page though and think this idea is really cool for your birthday present. I see you are a clever guy.
    I was so impressed with the first post I read on What to Tweet (And What Not To) that I subscribed to you blog.
    I am 55 and a born-again Christian, happily married 1 years and work for a law firm as a secretary. I love animals and am owned by two cats. I like to read and enjoy sports and blogging. I wrote a book in memory of my dad when he died and also started a blog about him about a year later called My Funny Dad, Harry (
    I do hope you have a happy birthday too and look forward to getting to know you better.

  15. My name is Angela. I have known Jon for about, well, let’s just say a long time. We met through church and Jon has helped me to challenge and see God in new, interesting and sometimes terrestrial ways. Even though my husband and I live over the hill (read: Santa Cruz) we still keep in decent contact and I am challenged by Jon through his blogs & tweets to continue seeking God. Okay, I think I got them all. Thanks for helping me keep the faith Jon.

  16. Hi Jon, this is Jim. I’m in Cedar Rapids, IA. We met last summer when we worked together to help put on the Church Basement Road Show in San Jose.
    I admit that while we are facebook friends, I didn’t actually know you had a blog…so this is my first time here on your blog. I am adding you to my google reader and look forward to reading your thoughts!

  17. My name is Chris. Jon and I met through a underground boxing ring, which unfortunately I can’t talk about. We also used to violate the laws of god and nature in order to satisfy our corporate masters at a software company. Which software company? A major one. These days I follow Jon’s blog to keep on the random things going on his life that I don’t hear about on a day to day basis.

  18. Andrea, great to hear from the Japan contingent! Much of my heart is still thereÒ€¦

  19. Carol, it would be nice to share yet another Vineyard church with you. But since we are far off, I want to continue to bring you an alternative view of church. And truth. And stuff. πŸ™‚

  20. Frances, so when are you going to start blogging? I guess school consumes all your writing. Maybe I’d better blog more theology so you can leave more comments!

  21. David,
    Ha! I sniffed out a lurker! One in Switzerland, yet. Hmm, I think you give a better overview of my blog than my About page, which I was thinking of revising again.

  22. Yellow,
    1. Thank you
    2. Your points are succinct but “sufficient”
    3. But points off for wishing me a happy birthday πŸ˜‰

  23. Keith,
    elm? I was a pine guy myself (for real). But I did set up my earliest collection of online documents with gopher.
    Thanks for sharing all that history, since I doubt that anybody else here knows about it. The only one who knows is Kay, who never visits my blog. (If I tell her I wrote something good, she says, “Oh? Tell me.”)
    I do find it peculiar that after the random meeting, our paths never crossed again. Maybe the world would implode if we were to get too close.

  24. Rachel, I have a long list of defunct blog feeds. I guess much of what blogging used to do has been replaced by Facebook and Twitter. Well, Facebook; I don’t see many ex-bloggers on Twitter, even though that is much more blog-like. Thanks for putting up with this old man. Punk.

  25. Karen, thank you so much for subscribing! It is really nice to hear from someone I don’t really know. πŸ™‚
    For the rest of you curious folks, Karen & I have been participating in an online seminar called 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. Many of the changes you may have noticed around here are from that seminar, and I hope it makes blog one another nicer reading and something that you will pass on to others.

  26. Hi. My name is Evan, and I’m a Jonaholic.
    I hired Jon into my group at Adobe in 1997 or so, where he had the unusual experience of being an evangelical employee working for an out-of-the-closet Pagan. But he was cool, so it all worked out OK :-). Jon worked in my group until I couldn’t stand my chain of command anymore (about 3 years) and continued working in it after I left to be a programmer instead of a manager.
    I read blog one another to keep up on what’s happening with Jon and family from this far-distant land of Vancouver, Canuckistan.

  27. Angela,
    Wow, see God in terrestrial ways? That is so cool, can I quote you on that? It makes me think of Kester Brewin and his “dirty Jesus” talks.
    Let’s keep seeking, keep encouraging, keep blogging and tweeting one another onÒ€¦

  28. Jim, I’m so glad that we got a chance to meet through the Church Basement Roadshow. And I’m glad I mentioned this on Facebook! Thank you for subscribing, I look forward to more comments from you.

  29. Chris, you are too much! LOL

  30. “Hi Evan.” I hope all is well in Canuckistan. πŸ™‚
    Our friendship was one of the key things that helped transform my understanding and practice of my clumsy attempts to follow Jesus. I suppose that means I can blame you for some of my mid-life crisis of faith (which barely predates this blog). I mention you specifically way, way back in a blog post from July 2003, which you’ve probably never seen.

  31. Hi all, I’m Helen and I’m a Jonaholic. Lol. Jon and I met at the San Jose Vineyard. Jon is an awesome worship leader. I read this blog because hmm, I read blogs because I have a chronic illness so I have time online while I rest. No really, I like the interesting things he posts here.

  32. Helen, I’ll, uh, take that as a compliment. πŸ™‚

  33. Hi, Jon. I’m Yvonne. Remember me from this afternoon? You were at my house while your daughter Shelly played piano with my other piano students. Met Jon and Kay years ago when we all had fewer children. He’s just the same now. Miss worship band with him: it was one of the highlights of my musical life. I never read the blog. No time. Saw the birthday note on FB, watched the video, felt compelled to respond.

  34. Hail and well met! I am known to many as Kevin.
    I met Jon many years ago through a mutual friend, Noelle, at her annual Pumpkin Party, and started following the blog to get to know him better. Whether that was before or after we started gaming together (tabletop RPG — D&D) I can’t remember at present.
    I keep reading the blog, apart from the “keeping up with what’s going on” stuff that’s a given, because I’ve found Jon’s take on spirituality and religion — and his willingness to share openly and without judgment or pressure — amazing and enlightening.
    He’s a good man, and a great friend.
    Happy Birthday, Jon. (Yeah, I broke the “no birthday wishes” rule. So sue me.) πŸ™‚

  35. Hi Jon…and other readers…I’m Carrie, and I know Jon from San Jose City Vineyard where we served together on the worship team.
    I really enjoy reading this blog (and following Jon on Twitter!)! Jon gets some great discussion going on really thoughtful and interesting topics, and I always admire his energy around thinking how we could all “do church” better. Sometimes it’s way too deep for my little pea brain, but I still read, and it always makes me think.
    Thanks Jon…keep it up!

  36. Jon and I are brothers.
    I developed this comment ‘we are brothers’ because everywhere I went they knew Jon and his wife, Kay. So seeing how they knew what Jon looked like and now I’m standing in front of them, big German Pollock from Ohio, I simply said ‘Yea, I know Jon and Kay, He’s my brother’.
    I’ve known Jon a few months after I tried and failed to get myself invited to my wife’s sister’s wedding back in early June 1986 in Middletown, Ohio. Same day, month, year and place Kay and Jon got married. However, back then my wife to be didn’t think of me much, so it was easy for her to say to me, this strange seeker of Christianity, that you are not invited to the wedding and that she would be going to it without me.
    Go did she. Home stayed I. Then to retreat (to study Mark 1 through 8) attended we and Christ accepted did I. Married to her Christ accepted did He; before any thinking of me did she. So that now our born in Japan wives, Kay for Jon and Lynn for Chuck, make us quite unlikely brothers. But brothers be we.
    I’ve met people who know Jon and Kay in four states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, California and two likely: Michigan and Colorado) and I’ve been asked ‘How do you know Kay and Jon. Well Jon is my brother; we married into the same wonderful family.
    Our wives look more like sisters than we do brothers, but we are brothers. Mathew 12:49. Do His will and be brothers in more than law. Won’t you join us.
    I’m a hit or miss reader drawn in via Facebook.

  37. Name: Amber Godat
    Know John: via The Paduans
    What I like about this blog: That it is Jon’s; he doesn’t seem to hold anything back. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and his family as one can’t have too many kindred spirits running amok around one. πŸ˜€

  38. I am Jason a weird (in some eras) human male. I know Jon through some now seperated body of believers that met in a building in San Jose. I read Blog One Another because it is in my Google Reader RSS feed.

  39. Yvonne,
    Well, a comment from a non-reader! I’m thinking the greatest highlight of your musical life must have been when we were leading worship at a retreat where we had no time to practice the songs. Remember when we came up to an instrumental section, and I turned around and said, “Do something!”

  40. Kevin, you are too kind. Since we can’t hang out more, this will have to do, but it is a poor substitute for playing D&D with you.
    Oh, and I’m fining you 5 JonBucks for violating my terms. You will have to leave 5 comments on the posts of your choice, over the next 10 weeks.

  41. Carrie, I tried to think up a snarky response. I couldn’t. Thank you.

  42. Chuck, have you been watching too much Star Wars lately? (Yoda, specifically.) I must try to persuade you to move up from a “hit or miss reader” to a subscriber. You even have a choice of subscription methods, so you have no excuse. πŸ™‚

  43. Amber, I have really enjoyed getting better connected with you and look forward to more good stuff (and good times in person). πŸ™‚

  44. Jason, I think you win the award for Best Reason to Read Blog One Another! UhhÒ€¦

  45. Hi Jon. Happy (late) Birthday.
    I met Jon at a Vineyard church way back when I was younger, lighter and singler. I read Blog One Another because I enjoy Jon’s take on art, culture, and following Jesus and how the three are more intertwined (or should be) than most people think. And like every other blog I read, I’m always hoping there will be a coupon for free doughnuts. It’s just kinda my thing.

  46. Joe, better late than never! But the reason you’re late and have never managed to get the free doughnut coupons is because you come to blog one another by clicking a link in your blogroll. Joe, Joe, Joe. That’s the way we used to do it in 2003, before comments and RSS feeds. These days we let computers do the work of keeping up with blog posts for us, so do yourself a favor and subscribe so that you won’t miss the next coupon!

  47. πŸ™‚
    I am Eve, owner of, I kinda know you from ProBloggers 31DBB forum, I read the blog because we are both on the same path, I just recently started reading but love it so far!
    And I cant help it- happy (late) birthday!

  48. Eve, we have only loosely connected on Digg and StumbleUpon. I’m glad you came here and were bold enough to jump into the fray. I look forward to sharing the journey, and I will overlook the birthday greeting infraction πŸ™‚
    All: Know anyone who lost a child to SIDS? Point them to Eve’s blog entry.

  49. I’m Jon Reid. We had similar Email addresses when you worked at Apple, and we would get one anothers emails. This morning my Mom said I should search Facebook for my own name to see how many other Jon Reids there are, and your profile was the first one below mine in the results. I remembered the picture from your Apple Directory shot, and I clicked and saw your profile. The blog link was there, and I clicked it. So here I am now. Very interesting blog.
    I now also live in SCV, and moved out last October. It’s such a small world sometimes.

  50. Jon Reid, that is funny! Since Apple is so internally secretive, I remember getting an email intended for you and forwarding it on, saying, “Uh, I never saw this.” And now here you are, on my blog and in my neighborhood. Haunting me. Is there room in the Valley for both of us?
    Seriously, thanks for coming by. I hope you’ll come again. You know, you could reap havoc in my comments and really confuse people. πŸ™‚

  51. Hi Jon and happy birthday (belated by now). We met back in the Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) Inter Varsity days and you and Kay helped lead worship. The two of you took me and some others in and started informally discipling us by just sharing your life in Jesus with us day by day. Your ‘realness’ and passion for Jesus struck me and kept me coming back to your door many times. Even though we’ve lost a good bit of touch with moves and time gone by, I like that I can see the same really cool, passionately in love with Jesus Jon Reid that I knew back in the day. It’s inspiring.
    Webbie Dood (AKA Debbie)

  52. Oops, I only just now carefully watched the instructional video on this about the “happy bday” greetings….Webbie

  53. Debbie, I get a kick out of knowing you’re still hanging around this blog. I wonder what I would think if I could see the old me. I’d probably cringe at the worship leading. πŸ™‚
    So you left the comment above, then thought to watch the video? You must be a word person.
    All: I specifically taunted Webbie to leave a comment on this blog back in 2003!

  54. Another Canuckistanian here and late to the party. I met Jon through Twitter a couple months ago. We’ve DMed a few times and I always watch for his tweets. I occasionally stumble over here to the blog where I find things that either make me think or help me feel, both activities that are sometimes lacking in my life. I’m another Jesus-explorer and I appreciate being inspired by Jon’s passion and learning from his insights and graciousness.

  55. Hi Jon,
    I am Marie. I was introduced to your blog by Keith. I can’t remember when it was. Some years ago now. Anyway, we met in an iPod trade in Palo Alto at Peet’s coffee. I have followed your blog ever since. I’m actually living in Fort Collins, CO now. My husband and I felt led here by God, but were not sure why. We went down a sort of “anti-traiditional church” path for a while, but found that it was hard to meet people that way. Plus right about the time we decided to leave the Bay Area, we found ourselves expecting our first child. Kind of put our “plans” on hold…made us more dependent on God. After our son was born, we ventured out to try to find a church to connect to. We found a church that had almost died, but is coming back to life by “doing something different”…reaching out to the community in as many ways as we can. Now that we’re about to join the 2 kids under 2 club, we’re finding ourselves reaching out to others in ways that we had not planned, but it’s still cool to be used by God…especially in ways that we didn’t predict. Anyway, I read your blog because I think you present a lot of interesting thoughts that aren’t too biased toward one particular objective. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too long.

  56. Hey Uncle Jon,
    Niece #2 here. I might remember attending your graduation, but that also might be me remembering the pictures.
    The advice you gave long ago to “do The Crazy Bunny” if I ever found myself in the presence of a mugger has been passed on to many friends and has changed their lives.
    I read because relationships are important to me. I like feeling connected to what’s going on in your life and with your family. I also appreciate the relationships you build with your readers via your responses to comments.

  57. Oops, I’m late with this, but here goes:
    I’m Sami, I know Jon from the San Jose Vineyard, where he used to lead worship, and then we were also in a home group together. I think Jon is very thoughtful, has a unique sense of humor, and I have a lot to learn from him. I like his perspective on spirituality, church, etc. So I read his blog. And also, I now get those email updates, which makes it much easier to follow the blog.

  58. Ron, you are a prime example of how Facebook is for connecting with people you already know, while Twitter is for connecting with people you don’t know. We certainly wouldn’t have met on Facebook. Thanks for coming by the ol’ blog.
    Extra points to people who understand “We’ve DMed a few times.” πŸ™‚

  59. Heidi, I’m glad to have more family here. And, uh, happy to know I have had such an influence on your friends. Or something.

  60. Marie,
    I so well remember our brief meeting, which I mentioned in this blog post. I didn’t know you were still lurking around this blog!
    Thank you for bringing me up-to-date. It is so good to know God has turned your brokenness into something beautiful.

  61. Sami, good to hear from another San Jose Vineyard oldie. I’m glad to hear that subscribing by email has been helpful for you.
    Everyone else, take note! πŸ™‚

  62. I’m Katherine in Switzerland, and I know Jon from being part of the same church with him 3 countries/churches ago, in San Jose. David up above in the comments is my husband (are we the first married couple both to leave a commment on this post?).
    I read Blog One Another because I try to read the blogs of everyone I personally know (unless they discourage me too much, which this one certainly does not!). I like to keep up on what’s going on with old friends. I also like the honesty, the poems, the tech stuff, the inclusiveness, and cool ideas like this post.
    I got to this comment late because I haven’t read or written blog posts for some time – life gets busy in waves…but it was fun b/c then I got to read all those other comments at once before mine. Feeling well-read, Jon? Blessings.

  63. Katherine,
    Yes, you are the first married couple to comment on this post. I think that deserves some kind of prize, but I can’t think of what.
    Oh, and I’m glad to know this blog doesn’t discourage you too much. πŸ™‚

  64. Oh, wait! Katherine, you couldn’t have known this, but Rob (the first commenter) is married to Angela Spain. So sorry, no prize this time πŸ˜‰

  65. This is Roy… and I’m slow πŸ˜‰
    we met at Soliton in Ventura a few years ago.
    I read your blog (occasionally – hence the b’day comment so long after your b’day… and I don’t use a feed for any blogs that I read) because I sense a kindred spirit who struggles with some very similar issues but who comes at them from a perspective that is different from mine. thanks for sharing your journey Jon!
    and belated happy b’day

  66. Roy, you’re late to the party! No cake for you. πŸ˜‰
    I am glad we met. Too briefly, though.

  67. that’s a lot of comments you have going on here.
    i’m Ian and i’ve never met Jon. i guess i’m a lurker. i think i found the blog through someone else whose blog i’m reading linked to it. in general i guess i look for like-minded folks that i get some blessing from as i read so i just started reading as i put the blog on the reading list. i’ve commented a handful of times and Jon and i fired off a couple emails to each other.
    i’m enjoying the experience so far.
    by the way, my blog is at although nobody is obligated to check it out.

  68. Ian, glad you could join the fun. I hope it proves to be worthwhile for you.