Creation vs. Evolution

February 22, 2004

['Whatever' fish]I just got in touch with a couple of old high school friends who are engaged in an email debate about creation vs. evolution. My response may not be helpful:

Whee, I can tell I won’t be much help around here. 🙂 My take:

The modernist point of view is that reason can ultimately explain everything that is. Anything that is not reasonable is dismissed. Everything can be broken down into smaller constituent facts.
…This came out of the Enlightenment, and contributed greatly to humanity by creating the environment for science.

The modernist sensibility gave us “liberal theology” as people sought to apply science to Scripture, and began questioning the texts themselves. But modernism also gave us “evangelicalism” which rose to defend the texts using the same tools of science. The evolution vs. creation debate is a small part of the larger liberal vs. evangelical struggle. Keep in mind that both sides are arguing from a modernist point of view.

Now consider that modernism did not exist when the Bible was written.

Stick that in your creation vs. evolution pipe and smoke it for a bit. 😉

Your increasingly postmodern friend,

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

11 responses to Creation vs. Evolution

  1. heehee, I like your closing comment. I would’ve been interested to see your explanation contrasted to the post-modern view of the arguement.

  2. For now, I offer a question instead of an explanation: Is there a Third Way?

  3. Jon, have you ever heard about the “Crusader Comics”? They had a very keen way of exposing evolution and its flaws, I think the series was called “Primal Man”. (Back in the Philippines, these set of books were banned for the very reason that they caused lives to turn to Jesus, and away from a “faith” that considers following Him alone “heresy”)

  4. Uhh, Kreek’t, let’s take this one offline…

  5. Okay! You may delete this. And also this one I’m posting. (Is that what you meant? Or did you mean talk about the topic offline?) 😛 *sorry*

  6. Now we know that faith is the substance of …

  7. Kreek’t, I meant talking. I can delete anything I want! Bwahahaha!
    Greg, excellent.

  8. haha..I should have realized that you didn’t need my “permission” — I thought you were being courteous. Silly me. (I wasn’t sure anyway which “talk” you were pertaining to, as I had posted 2 thoughts in there). It was nice to read an open letter though! 😀

  9. Fantastic post, Jon!
    About six years ago now Deb and I were really into that whole creation v. evolution debate. And I remember explaining that to a Pastor that God had put into our lives as he sat on our couch, looking down at his doc martin boots as he listened patiently. He was wearing a muscle t-shirt and ear rings with shaved head. Jon was/is a no non-sense, tough as nails, walking antithesis of the norm pastor. Back when no body had even heard anything of emerging anything…Jon was preaching the stuff that we are all into now.
    Any how, when we had finished our shpeal, I remember Jon just looking up and saying something like, “that’s very impressive, but I just don’t think that Postmoderns are interested in any of that. They want to belong to something tangible. They want to have a purpose. That’s not how I do ministry”.

  10. Ahhhh, the never ending battle of Evolution Vs. Creation. Once I got to college, I never seen so many Evolutionists.

  11. Hi Reid, nice name. 😉
    I guess my point is that the “never ending battle” does end, at least for me.