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December 26, 2008

Note: This description is outdated. I am keeping it here just for reference.

Would you like to share your Facebook status updates outside of Facebook?

By accessing your Facebook status as an RSS feed, you can put add it as a little box on your blog. Your status then acts like a micro-blog, providing miniature snapshots of your activities or state of mind.

And (if your mother isn’t on Facebook) you can even set up the feed in Mom’s web browser so she can keep up …without having to be overwhelmed by the rest of Facebook!

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t make it easy to get the RSS feed. But here’s how to do it:

First, make sure you’re logged in to Facebook. Then go your Notifications tab, which is beside your Inbox (or just click here). In the right column, you will see:

Facebook: Subscribe to notifications

Go ahead and click “Your Notifications” but bear with me. What you’ll get is an RSS feed of what you see in your Notifications list, which is not what we want. We want an RSS feed of your own status updates. You can get this by changing the address. Note how the address starts with


Change “notifications” to “status” so that the address is


followed by the question mark and a bunch of gobbledygook. That’s it—you have an RSS feed of your Facebook status updates. Now you can put bookmark that in your mother’s web browser, or add an RSS feed widget to your blog to serve as a “Blog within a Blog.”

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6 responses to Facebook status feed

  1. thanks for that tip! i had the twitter feed on my blog but was annoyed by the @replies being in there, so the facebook one is better.
    it is yay!! 🙂

  2. Do you know how it is possible to create a twitter subject, and then post that to a blog? I want to search subject x. And then on my blog, i want to see Subject x, scrollign along (as long as one refresshes the page).

  3. Dan, you mean kind of like conference websites are doing with hashtags, except that it can be about anything, and can be on any website or blog? What a cool idea!

  4. Hi,
    when I change the url from “notifications” to “status” and hit Enter, the new page just says “This feed URL is no longer valid.”

  5. Ben, I’m afraid my description is outdated; I will update this post with a note that it probably doesn’t work anymore. Facebook keeps changing things, so they’re a moving target. …Let me know if you find a way!