Facebook status for 1 month

September 20, 2008

Facebook status

One of the things I enjoy about Facebook is the status updates. Twitter started it, I suppose, but you can think of it as micro-blogging: one-line updates about your activities or mood. So for you non-Facebook people, here’s a snapshot of my past month. Well, more like a sequence of snapshots. Like a flip-book.

Jon is starting the day with 10:02 prayer in the hot tub.

Jon is thinking about going to http://www.missio.us/tk-intensive.html

Jon feels a bit stuck, wondering how to be a better blessing to my neighbors.

Jon ate a slice of humble pie. Mm-mm, good!

Jon feels a bit funky. (And I don’t mean in a good way.)

Jon has a copy of Photoshop Elements / Premiere Elements for Windows. Anybody want it?

Jon doesn’t expect that you’ll go to the Missio Intensive. But if you want to lead a missional life, do yourself a favor and read The Tangible Kingdom.

Jon just had lunch with a fellow ASIJer.

Jon is tired, restless and bored at the same time.

Jon is mostly human again.

Jon thinks I may be identifying what’s got me down. Next, what to do about it…

Jon had an ah hah moment praying today. After being beat down for a week, I’m back.

Jon is having a great time at work, except when it sucks.

Jon is busy with back-to-school stuff.

Jon is pooped, having spent my workday doing relational damage control.

Jon is back from the second back-to-school night.

Jon is bummed I can’t go to the Missio Intensive after all.

Jon is changing out of PJs at 1:00 p.m. on a lazy Saturday.

Jon is praying for New Orleans.

Jon and family watched the old Robin Hood movie with Errol Flynn.

Jon enjoyed lunch with Vanessa and kids.

Jon worked up the courage to keep ringing the doorbell until someone in the Recluse’s house answered. I was told she was sleeping. But I did it!

Jon and fam are off rafting.

Jon never did wake up today.

Jon snorted my water the wrong way laughing.

Jon is discovering the pitfalls of Koenig lookup.

Jon splurged: I ordered myself a CD.

Jon is off to lunch with my wifey!

Jon thoroughly enjoyed the new Microsoft ad!

Jon feels more and more that while I must do what I can, my efforts will not go far without a prayerfully committed group with spiritual gifting.

Jon is up ridiculously early so that Trevor can learn sound from Jake.

Jon is anticipating an interesting morning in church. Maybe it’ll be really good. Or maybe it’ll piss me off. Maybe a bit of both.

Jon enjoyed yet another old movie with the family — I think this is becoming a fun pattern.

Jon is married to a badass woman.

Jon drove to work, listening to my new Kevin Prosch album, weeping.

Jon went to back-to-school #3. We pay $$ for Trevor’s school, but I continue to be super-impressed.

Jon remembers the worldwide sympathy & support for America after 9/11, and prays for this country.

Jon celebrates the 50th anniversary of the “chip”.

Jon asks the Lord of the harvest to send more workers.

Jon feels, as usual, a mixture of anticipation and dread on Sunday morning.

Jon felt this morning should have been called “adventures in missing the point”.

Jon is a C.S. Lewis fanboy.

Jon prays, “Help me to live the dream into reality”.

Jon is being driven CRAZY by Microsoft’s inane developer support.

Jon had a good prayer-walk, talking with various neighbors and meeting new ones.

Jon talked with my mother, lifting her spirits by reminiscing about Japan.

Jon learned on my prayerwalk that a neighbor got laid off. Again. ++Provide for their needs++.

boggled at breaking news: Sarah Palin takes one question from a reporter traveling with her campaign! Amazing!

Jon went to hear a coworker play at a blues bar, and met some of the patrons.

Jon must not have slept well last night.

Jon just had a neighbor exclaim, “It’s a miracle! Say, were you praying for us or something?”

Jon ARRRRRRR be me name.

Jon prayerwalked later than usual, and met some different people.

Jon celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day by beginning to read Treasure Island to the kids.

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.