Fire Hazard

May 4, 2004

flaming birthday cakeThere comes a point where you need to say, “Don’t put put so many candles on the birthday cake; someone’s going to get hurt.” Once you reach a certain age, the candles are no longer have room to spread out. The flames join, and suddenly you’re back playing Dungeons & Dragons, summoning a fire elemental. It didn’t help that my daughter decided to use trick candles — you know, the kind you can’t blow out. So below the blaze, these things are sparking away.

The picture is a week old but I had to share it. Notice the, uh, warm glow.

The birthday party proper was held this past Saturday. I got to hang out with friends (and former co-workers), homies, and extended family. To have such good friends — what a treasure.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

4 responses to Fire Hazard

  1. Happy Birthday dear Jon!!!!!
    Yes, we are too old to have all those candles on the cake. My dad did that once, and I said, spare me, just put enough candles to represent the decades now!! Ha.

  2. haha @ the “Fire Hazard”.. 🙂

  3. Herzlichen glueckwuensch! Don’t feel too bad, we once set off the fire-alarm by putting 40 candles on our manager’s BD cake at work and he wasn’t too happy when the fire department showed up! They thought it was hysterical, but he sure didn’t!

  4. ahhh jon…the things i miss while on hiatus.
    happy birthday dear friend. I hope no one was hurt…
    BTW, i’ll be up in your neck of the woods June 1-4. We gotta get together again.