Geek warning

May 6, 2003

[Geek]Those of you who do not tweak your blog templates can safely ignore this posting.
Some folks have expressed concern about the new version of Blogger that is being tested — specifically, “What about my existing template?” and “What’s this XHTML stuff?” So I tried it for myself.

First, my current template works fine on Dano. But this is a good opportunity for folks to re-examine their templates. Most (including mine) use tables to determine the layout. I think it’s important to move away from tables to pure CSS layout because tables create accessibility issues. So I’m going to start with the Jellyfish template and see if I can massage it into something that resembles the old template.

Now my existing template is not in XHTML — so again, you don’t need to learn it, but it’s a good opportunity, no? If you know HTML, it’s not hard; XHTML is really just better-behaved HTML. The W3C document that describes XHTML includes a section entitled “Differences with HTML4“.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

4 responses to Geek warning

  1. tall skinny kiwi
    thanks jon – much appreciated – you really ARE a geek!

  2. of searching for geek leaders (also: what the blog?!?)
    ditto master jon. although until i find a geek to translate your answer into ENGLISH, i will resort to waiting for Dano to be implemented and then copying your source page.

  3. I am using Jellyfish
    I started a new blog with the Jellyfish theme, then modified the external links and added a page counter. Funny thing is that now you can’t select or click on my posts. I didn’t touch that part even. I must have messed with xhtml and not even known it. If you want to see the problem or tell me what the problem is:

  4. XHTML
    If you start editing the Jellyfish template thinking you can simply stick in plain old HTML the way you always have, you’ll break the template. If you’re in XHTML-land, you have to play by XHTML rules. It’s not hard, and there are tools to verify your work. One free tutorial to get you acquainted is
    That said, I repeat: You do not have to learn XHTML to use Blog Dano. It will happily use your old HTML-based templates.