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May 6, 2009

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If you subscribe to blog one another, thank you! I’ll get back to you in a second; hang on.

If you don’t know what it means to “subscribe to a blog,” here’s a quick explanation: Perhaps you read this blog by clicking on a link you’ve saved somewhere, say as a bookmark in your browser. You click, and take a look to see if anything new has been posted. Save yourself the trouble! By subscribing, you make computers do the work for you, and a program will tell you when there’s something new. This can even be done by email, so when I write something new, you’ll see it in your inbox!

Back to the subscribers: I have a request for you RSS subscribers. (Email subscribers, I have a request for you at the end.) The mighty Google tells me that some of you are using old addresses for the RSS feed.

A good chunk of you use:
A group of you use:
A handful of you use:

Would you take a minute and do me a quick favor? Please check your news reader (whether that is Google Feedfetcher, Bloglines, or whatever) and make sure that you are using the following address:


That would help me have a clearer picture of how many of you there are. FeedBurner also helps with some traffic analysis. (Don’t worry, I don’t see any personal information: see my privacy policy if you have any concerns.) Thanks for updating your new readers with that address.

Finally, whether you subscribe by RSS, subscribe by email, or come here manually, I have a final request: Would you pass this blog on to a couple of people who you think might appreciate it? TIA, thanks in advance.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

8 responses to Hey subscribers!

  1. Subscription updated.
    (Google Reader users: Not sure which version of the feed you’re subscribed to? Click on “Show Details” while you’re reading Jon’s blog in GR and it will list the Feed URL among its interesting collection o’ data.)

  2. Thanks for the helpful tip, Kevin!

  3. Fixed. I was on the 2nd option. So, are you trying to become a career blogger? 🙂
    Do you know if there is a way on Typepad to add the option for commenters to receive follow-up comments on only the posts they comment on (as opposed to just subscribing to the entire comment feed)? Or is that only on other services (Blogger, I think?). Thanks.

  4. Turns out i was one of a handful! now updated.

  5. Katherine, I am enjoying taking blogging more seriously. It keeps me out of trouble. 🙂
    Not too long ago, I enabled comment feeds, like you see above right under the “Comments” heading. Unlike some blogs that have a feed that includes all comments, here each posting has a separate feed. So subscribe to as many as you like, and when you’re done with a particular posting, just remove it from your subscriptions.

  6. Thanks, Steve! (I wonder if the “good chunk” people will oblige.)

  7. One would have thought I might have noticed that obvious link to subscribe to the comments for this particular post. But then one often doesn’t notice what one isn’t looking for because one doesn’t know it exists. Huh.
    Cool. Now if I can just enable that feature on my blog…just tell me what code to stick where, I don’t have to understand it… 😉

  8. Katherine, select the Configure tab and go to Feeds. In Feed Preferences, select “Published Feeds: Comments on Individual Posts and Pages”.