Green light to proceed

May 2, 2003

[Traffic light on green]Kay & I had lunch yesterday with Dave & Ellen, our pastors, to discuss starting a new home group. We talked about our vision for the group, as well as nuts & bolts (I love hearing a pastor say, “I will not micromanage you”) — and now we have a green light to proceed! Hooray! All that remains is for us to choose the starting date so that Dave can announce it for a couple of Sundays before we have our first meeting.
There is one more thing we were asked to do, and that is to write down an answer to the question, “So, uh, what’s your group about?” It’s hard to come up with something brief. We joked about my esoteric answer, “We want to be an emergent missional community of faith” — meaningless jargon and buzzwords to the people who will be asking. The vision I posed to Dave & Ellen is a better answer: “We want to be a micro-church.” That still doesn’t capture it, though, because of that problematic word “church.”
Hmm. We’ll have to chew on this.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

6 responses to Green light to proceed

  1. testing,testing,1.2.3. muchsuccessleadingyourgroupjonreid

  2. Greetings from Eagle…
    Had to laugh about your “jargon and buzzwords” comment – I have been exploring different “pomo emergent church” type sites (since Eagle seems to become sort of a center for that, with Todd Hunter and Allelon people here…) , and I think I have come across more jargon in those than anywhere else, LOL! Often you need a dictionary
    to know what the heck they are talking about – and then what the dictionary says is not necessarily right because the meaning of that word got “reimagined” too 🙂
    At least I have had somewhat of a primer from listening to you and Jor bouncing off each other 🙂

  3. Birgit!!
    Yay, glad to have you come through my blog! Since when did ID become the center of the universe? I guess since you moved there. So you’re in the same town as the Allelon gang? How’d you hear about them? For that matter, how did you find me?

  4. Long story…
    Ok, soooo….
    One day I am driving in downtown Eagle – and there is Todd Hunter walking by the side of the road. Very strange, because the last time I had actually seen the guy was when he was pastor in Anaheim when we were there. So I determine to find out what exactly Todd is doing in Eagle – search engines are wonderful things. His name is popping up next to this thing called “Allelon” a lot – a word I had noticed before since I drive by a really beat up van parked in a church parking lot all the time that has that on its licence plate (and I had always wondered if “all alone” was a great message to have, LOL). So I start looking at the allelon site, and find Todd’s blog. Reading through the blog and the comments, I find a couple of familiar “commentators” with links to their respective blogs – and there you have the entire story of how I found yours!

  5. really beat up van with “Allelon” license plate
    Ha ha, that must be Keck’s van. Hey Eric, if we ever make the trip to visit Birgit & crew (we’ve talked about this even before I entered blogland), you know I’ll have to drop in on you guys.

  6. Helen’s lurking
    Hi Jon, and Birgit, if you read this. I finallly put two and two together and was going to contact Birgit to tell her Todd Hunter was up there. I’ll bet he doesn’t know how many of us are lurking aboutl, wondering what he is up to. Well, its fun to get re-connected. I just got an e-mail from Andrea Ito, who found my address from your blog. It’s a small world.