Keep Inviting Friends to Church

April 21, 2003

[Big yawn]Just to clarify what I said in a comment on “Stop Inviting Friends to Church“: Just because I don’t plan to invite my friends to church anymore, doesn’t mean that you should do the same.

…One of the bass players at church invited her brother to our Easter service. To her surprise, he said sure, he’d come. To her astonishment, he actually came. This from someone who, she said, swore he’d never set foot in a church.

Apparently he is a musician himself, and he dug what he heard. (For the opening instrumental, I chose a Porcupine Tree groove.) But more importantly, he saw how we worshiped — and said, “I feel kind of strange being in a place of such abundant happiness.”

Moral of the story: Obey the Holy Spirit; he will use whatever he chooses.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

4 responses to Keep Inviting Friends to Church

  1. I’m glad that you said that. Like you, I’ve come around to thinking that the previous way of doing evangelism (four spiritual law tracts, inviting people to large sporting event level crusades, pressuring people to pray the “sinners prayer”, altar calls and the such like) is not relevant any longer. Definitely not for me. Having said that, I don’t think those things are wrong of themselves. For example, just this past Easter our family went to a huge passion play at a local mega church. At the end of this event there was an altar call in the good ol’ Baptist tradition. And ya’ know what? Dozens and dozens of people came forward to accept Christ. At first, my hackles raised and I thought, “Oh not this again”. But then, I softened and thought that perhaps there is hope for those people that went forward. Perhaps the people won’t be abandoned by the church. Perhaps this mega church will disciple them or atleast follow up with them to a place where they can be discipled AND love on them. At least that’s what I hope. 🙂

  2. just when you think you got it dialed god suprises you like that… its awesome to realize that the holyspirit will use situations that are suprising isn’t it? that is a really cool post

  3. For further reading…
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  4. Awwww….and I was going to use you as an excuse to justify my antisocial behaviour