Lectio for Lent again

February 26, 2004

[Lectio Divina]We don’t get a newspaper, so it was by odd chance (if you believe in that kind of thing, which I don’t) that I was looking at a paper yesterday. The front page had something about “yesterday’s Mardi Gras celebrations”. Lent snuck up on me!

Last year, I practiced lectio divina for lent. This year I will go through the first 40 Psalms. I’ll try to post about them, but given my recent blogging record, I’d better not make any promises. It is more important that I do it than blog about it.

I told the kids over dinner that Lent was here, and what I was doing. Kay & I had just been talking about how we can teach our children to spend time alone with God when we’re so lousy at it ourselves. And even when we do practice it, spending time alone with God is a solitary endeavor, so how do you model it? So I was excited when Kay said that for Lent, we were going to ask the kids to take 5 minutes a day alone in prayer.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

8 responses to Lectio for Lent again

  1. So, yeah, coming from an Athiest… Anyway, IMHO, time alone with God doesn’t have to mean that you are in prayer. If you subscribe to the idea that God is with you all of the time, and that he is part of you, then you will come to the idea that just time alone, thinking, even if it isn’t in prayer or reading the bible, but just how to make yourself a better person, can be construed as time alone with God. Really, if he (or she) does exist, I am pretty sure that thinking about how to improve other’s lives, yourself as a good person, or just being a more centered human (which will make both of the former happen) would very much be in order.
    In that vein, you two are some of the most giving, centered, and well balanced people I know. You are not lousy at it. You both are some rare gifts to us all. I would never presume to tell you how to raise your children, but if you two can teach them even a fraction of your patience, calmness, and wisdom, I think you are very much teaching them to be “alone with God”.
    Yeah, that’s my first comment on your blog, Sorry if it was presumptuous. 🙂

  2. Noelle, thanks for jumping in!! I would be honored to have you as our “resident atheist”. 🙂

  3. Ahhh yes it is the Lenten season. I grew up with it being raised Catholic, but got away from practicing it since becoming “evangelical.” Our new church, however does celebrate Lent, and has a passover feast every year. We just LOVE that.
    Matthew said, its Lent, that means we’ll get to go the the Passover Sedar! I’m glad that my kids will have this memory.
    Been thinking about teaching my kids to spend alone time with the Lord. The 5 min. idea sounds good.
    Has anyone seen The Passion movie? I think we’re going to it next week.

  4. Noelle:
    Great thoughts. I had a similar conversation with a friend last week in which we questioned whether we are comfortable just “being” with God, or whether we always had to have something to say…
    It seems that it is tougher to guage and evaluate a life that is always with God–there really aren’t any patterns to follow or methodologies to franchise and publish. Maybe that is the posture we need to truly pursue–an agenda-less flow of continual connection. the idea at that point wouldn’t center around specific time spent or points covered, but the overall health of the human being in that connectedness, and that posture might draw us to continually evaluating the strength of that connection.
    Beautiful. Simple.
    You know, if Jon’s offer isn’t good enough, or if you don’t mind two-timing him, I’d love to have you resonate on my blog…
    (In the words of ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting… “Reeetaaaaainer!!”)

  5. Jared,
    Sure, I’d love to. I think Jon and I have an open relationship ;-).
    Send me your link, but let it be known that an athiest is abound. *giggle*
    I was brought up with a LOT of religion actually, and I studied it and philosophy deeply in college (causing me to become and athiest).
    Anyway, I’d be honored to throw an opinion in when I have one.

  6. Sounds great Noelle. You can find me at
    “open” relationships seem to me like the most valuable ones we can have. Look forward to your genuine thoughts. And though I’ll allow you the “resident atheist” title, I’m beginning to suspect agnostic undertones. =)

  7. Hey! She’s MY atheist!
    …Well, OK, because I love you Jared. But be nice to Noelle, or you’ll hear from me, ya hear?

  8. hahaha…loud and clear jon.