Stop LGBT Bullying: Wear Purple for Spirit Day

October 19, 2011

I wear T-shirts to work every day. So why am I wearing this purple, buttoned shirt? The buttons have no significance, but they help me highlight a special day. It’s October 20. I’m wearing purple for Spirit Day.

I'm wearing purple for Spirit Day

A number of gay teenagers committed suicide in September 2010 after being bullied. In response, teenager Brittany McMillan started Spirit Day. It’s as a way to show support for LGBT youth who are bullied and harassed. Wearing purple is a simple gesture, but I hope it sends a message: “You’re important to me. You’re important to a God who loves you.”

Christian involvement in Spirit Day

I learned about Spirit Day because I follow Andrew Marin on Twitter (@MarinFoundation). He shared a blog post calling for Christians to get involved:

It is particularly relevant and important for those in the Christian community to stand against bullying of LGBT youth given the silence that is often heard from Christian groups or their direct opposition to initiatives that seek to specifically educate others and protect youth from being bullied because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.

I encourage you to read his blog post. Then visit the GLAAD Spirit Day page and show your support online.

Don’t forget to dig through your closet!

I support #SpiritDay

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2 responses to Stop LGBT Bullying: Wear Purple for Spirit Day

  1. Ok, I’ll admit it…. I gave 50 bucks to the anti prop 6 campaign. I gave the money to a lesbian friend who was involved with the campaign . I also apologized to her for the Christian church’s terrible judgement in supporting the Sanctity of Marriage act. I am tired of the Church circling the wagons and shooting the natives. It’s their country too and there is plenty of room to live in peace with them. In the mean time, let’s build relationships and a church that one day looks like Jesus.
    Peace to All
    David C.