Met God in Las Vegas

June 16, 2004

[at Hard Rock Cafe]Vegas was good! Yes, Noelle, God was there — partly in just having a great time, but especially in

– sitting by the pool reading The Shaping of Things to Come
– Hard Rock Cafe (picture on the left)
– a game arcade
Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues (people paid money to hear the gospel!)

Kay & I came away with some crazy-ass dreams. We have no clue what we’re supposed to do with them, though! It would help if we found a) a warehouse for sale and b) a wealthy benefactor.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

9 responses to Met God in Las Vegas

  1. If youhappen to find that wealthy benifactor, please also point him my way when you are done with him!

  2. Hey! I’m reading that book as well!! Isn’t it great!? I’ve been especially moved by the section on Incarnational mission. Kewl stuff, no?

  3. Oh I’m glad that you guys had a great time in Vegas. Let us know when you’re sugar momma comes along.
    Hey, btw, I noticed in the links to the right next to my name in parentheses it says “no rss”. Uh, what does that mean? Nope, I’m so not a techie.

  4. Rich,
    I recommend you give it up and run for the hills now! I consider myself semi-tech (although programming/html illiterate) and after hoursnhoursnhours and adding both an ‘atom’ feed and supposedly an xml rss feed my link on Jon’s page still says “no rss.” Give it up now before it drives you insane!!!hahahahaha… oops, sorry.

  5. Ok, so whatever entity is responsible for putting (no rss) next to my blog link, I have a valid atom feed (I know, netnewswire 1.09b1 will read it (NOT netnewswire 1.08, grrrr) and gives it the thumbs up), so cut me some slack. You could at least put (atom feed) next to the link, if you don’t want to bless it’s rss cred.

  6. Dearest Randall, if you will notice, I don’t have a “no rss” thing next to my name….
    Birgit (with a smug look)

  7. Chris, until netnewswire or some other decent app can read atom, I’m leaving “no rss” next to you so that I know which blogs I have to read manually.
    As Noelle told me, I am an rsshole.

  8. Jon, netnewswire 1.09b1 is available here for download and it supports atom. It is admittedly a beta (and hard to find on their site, too), but I tried it the other night and seems to work fine.

  9. This techies stuff is out of my league as well. But I got a good laugh out of you being called and “rsshole.” lol
    Glad you had a great vacation and some good dreams.