Michael Gungor on Sub-Jesus

April 21, 2010


Promo photo from gungormusic.com

Michael Gungor is a musician, songwriter and creative band-dude. I heard about him through our church’s worship director David Ruybalid, who counts Michael as an influence and a friend.

Yesterday on his blog, Michael “went off” on Christian sub-culture, wondering how much damage it has done to the cause of Christ. Here’s a taste of his post Sub-Jesus:

When “Jesus” becomes the “sweet savior” who likes his name substituted for a candy bar, or the bastard who warns people on a t-shirt that you can’t stop, drop and roll in hell… it’s understandable why people wouldn’t take that Jesus very seriously.

Hey, it’s a rant. There is a connection between ranting and prophesying.

My comment on this post:

There is a danger in thinking that if we can just get things “right,” it will draw people. “We’re done with campy Christian junk. Now, we have stuff that is cool. Look, we hired professional artists to design this.” And so an atheist friend asks me, “I see ‘Not Of This World’ stuff — is that like the new Fish?”

What if the only thing that will draw people to Jesus is… Jesus? Maybe we don’t quite trust him, because the Jesus we “believe in” is a shadow of the real, wild Jesus who calls us to “follow him” and “dwell in him.”

I leave you with a stunning acoustic performance of Beautiful Things by Gungor:

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

2 responses to Michael Gungor on Sub-Jesus

  1. Hey bro,
    I was showing your stuff to a friend from Indiana who were neighbors with us in Thailand. He’s a pastor in a church up there and stopped by on the way to visit a church in Texas. Earlier we were chatting and wondering about how to communicate/live in a way that will motivate/mobilize others to move deeper into Jesus and let go more of the world they (we) have a grip on. As he was telling me a story about some of the folks in his church and their struggle to “get it” about the invisible Kingdom and our King, it hit me like a brick, the reason people don’t get Jesus is they worship the wrong King… Their king is called jesus, but he isn’t the real One… Somehow we have fallen asleep and the sleepiness in our eyes is a strong filter that keeps us from recognizing the Real King written about in the Bible and living inside His followers.
    If we believed in the Real King, we would have more people engaging in the real war in this world and we would have many more dying for our King than we honor every year for dying for our flag and freedom. This reality hit me with the passing of memorial day this week. The dedication of lives, both in death and life, for our flag clearly outweighs the depth of commitment to King Jesus. People are willing to, and its acceptable to, give up so much of their lives for our civil, political and religious freedom, yet so few give so little for the eternal freedom of our neighbors when it would cost us nothing to share true freedom with them…
    The way we live (love) our lives makes it clear that we simply don’t worship the real King. If we did, things would be very different in this world…

  2. Guy,
    OK. You owe it to yourself to get a copy of Jesus Manifesto, because one way of seeing the book is that it is correcting us back to the right Jesus.