Mike Abrahamsohn 1966-2009

July 17, 2009

Mike Abrahamsohn

Me & Mike jamming

My dear friend Mike struggled with mental illness for twenty-five years. This past Sunday, he committed suicide. It’s been a hard week, but after the wake tonight, I finally feel able to write something. I will repeat what I shared at the wake:

Mike and I led worship together in three different churches. Mike was there when I first got started leading worship. He was my wingman. We would feed off of each other’s energy. This sometimes got us into trouble…

I doubt that Mike read a line of Shakespeare in his life. But if you have, you know the the importance of The Fool.

Have you ever seen the movie Elf? I happened to catch a bit of it during lunch break this week. I laughed and cried, because I thought: It’s Mike!

  • He didn’t fit the social norms.
  • He was kind of clueless.
  • He had an exuberance for life.
  • And wherever he went, he made deep connections with people.

God bless you, brother.

Mike Abrahamsohn
Mike & my wife Kay
(My gosh, a decent picture of him without his eyes closed!)

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8 responses to Mike Abrahamsohn 1966-2009

  1. He was a very kind and thoughtful person. I remember one year when we wanted to celebrate his birthday, he suggested a very inexpensive restaurant in Willow Glen (john’s xclnt food, i think) because he said, “you know, some of us guys don’t have a lot of money to spare”
    He was also extremely shy with people he doesn’t know well. However, once he feels he gained your trust and friendship, he lets his guard down and you begin to see his warm heart, and his goofiness.
    Yes, he does not fit in to the traditional shiney-happy-people crowd, and he is comfortable with that… but I know he loves Jesus.
    I’m really sad that he is no longer with us, but I look forward to seeing him when it’s my time to go and meet Jesus myself.

  2. I didn’t know Mike very well, but I definitely remember his zest for life and his pure joy when he played.
    All the best to you Jon as you mourn the loss of your dear friend.

  3. Even though I had lost touch with Mike over the last few years, I have lots of fond memories of him. He was such a kind and giving person. At the wake, I was amazed at how many people said “Mike’s family was like a second family to me”, or “Mike let me stay with him for a while”.
    It was great to hear all the stories about him, especially about how he and his cousin were going to hike from Santa Cruz to Monterey ON THE WATER.
    Mike, we all love you, and you will be missed. Looking forward to seeing you and getting one of those great big bear hugs again someday.

  4. bikersaurus, Mike was definitely not a shiny-happy type. What a unique goofball. It was nice to see you, though too brief.

  5. Carrie, “zest for life” is a great way of describing Mike!
    Thank you…

  6. Samia, wasn’t that story great?
    Mike certainly had a way of connecting with people.
    When my turn comes, I know he’ll be at the gate…

  7. Jon, I haven’t visited your blog for months… and then I saw this.
    I too didn’t know Mike well, only met him a few times at Soliton… but I felt your connection with him.
    I am sorry for your loss and for the grief of all of those ho loved him deeply. Most of all, I am glad for a God who knows our deepest pains and promises to wipe away every tear from our eyes… ours and Mike’s.

  8. Roy, thank you. Grief so close is a new experience for me.