Monkey Jive Blues

July 20, 2009

Evil Mike

Evil Mike, back in November 2003. (Some kind of dried fruit?)

Michael Abrahamsohn was a man of many talents. One of them was the ability to whip out weird rhymes on the spot. “Mike, where do you get this stuff,” I would ask. He’d reply, “I pull them out of my butt.”

Once when Mike was having a rough day, not from OCD but from girl trouble, I said, “Come on, let’s record a song about it, right now.” I sat him down in front of a Mac laptop and found this GarageBand loop. Without a real mic (just using the computer’s internal microphone), these words spilled out spontaneously. I just kept saying “Again, more,” to keep him going, then edited and arranged it. All the “vocal effects” are just Mike, sitting in front of my computer, cupping his hands over his mouth.

One of the songs we played in church at the time went, “Holiness, holiness, that’s what I long for.” Look for MIke’s twisted version in the last verse. Only Mike…

So here it is, a rare treat! Enjoy: Monkey Jive Blues

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

11 responses to Monkey Jive Blues

  1. Play nice Mike or Goodie will strike. Just ask Kay.
    Oh and by the way: thanks Jon. Well done Mike.

  2. Nice. Sweet horn section!

  3. Crazy stuff! It is good to hear Mike’s voice.

  4. Olivia was dancing to it, and I was giggling so hard I was crying. Great! 🙂 Can you put it on a disk for me? Quicktime and I don’t get along.

  5. CRK, it’s the other way around: Mike is the boogie man. Be good! 😉

  6. Joe, glad you liked it!

  7. Samia, it seemed a good thing to share. We’ll always have his voice now. And his freakiness.

  8. Amy, you should be able to download it. That’s what the “Right-click to download” link is for.

  9. That’s what we call talent!

  10. Mikes, glad you liked it. He was amazing.

  11. Jon, I can’t get the song! icloud just keeps popping up. Maybe its too old of a post, but I would love to get it if I could, thanks!