Musical trigger

November 23, 2007

rememberI went to a grocery store yesterday to pick up some last-minute items for our Thanksgiving meal. There I was, pushing my cart along when the background music shifted to Coldplay. My cart came to a stop, because I was suddenly transported to Soliton Space. I don’t know if the Bridge folks always played Coldplay before their gatherings, but they did whenever I was with them, so I have a strong association between Coldplay and Soliton. It was at Soliton that I learned I was not crazy; in fact, I was surrounded by people a lot crazier than I am.

For a brief moment, my loneliness disappeared.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

8 responses to Musical trigger

  1. thanks for posting that link to those pictures, cuz wow…

  2. Nathan, brings back memories? I’m curious what “wow” means.
    Besides the ’03 and ’04 sets I took, there’s an ’05 set in the right sidebar.

  3. hey, i know the feeling. soliton…mmmmmm.
    come to my site and check out the political ad video for mike huckabee. you gotta see it. it’s totally for real.

  4. Hey Jeph! Is there any trigger that makes you think of Soliton?
    I shared that video with my son, who is into the Chuck Norris meme.

  5. Yes, actually. This will sound weird, but every time I eat fresh grapes. I bought some grapes off the street while in Ventura and they were the best I ever had. I can’t eat grapes without thinking of the fruit and good food we all shared while at soliton that year.
    By the way, check out the Golden Compass. Tell me what you think. I haven’t seen it but I’ve read up on it and I’m really interested in it. To quote the author…”I’m trying to kill God.”
    It had me.

  6. Speaking of music. What worship music have you been into lately? You’re the one who turned me onto Delirous – for which I will be forever grateful. I’ve just been turned on to Hillsong United – the younger band from Hillsong. Saw them in concert recently, it was awesome. A former worship pastor I know says he thinks Hillsong is the next wave for worship music, following the Vineyard.

  7. Helen, I remain a David Ruis fanboy. He has shaped so many of my worship values, and continues to do so. Check out this video.
    I was also astonished by Kevin Prosch’s comeback album Palanquin. Woah, that’s already 5 years old? Well, I borrowed it and loved it, but don’t have my own copy yet (in case anyone wants to get me a great Christmas present, hint hint to my wife).

  8. Thanks for the links. Hmm I couldn’t really get into the music – too undefined somehow.
    I am sold on this song – the quality on this video isn’t great – but this is an amazing song:
    Any favorite CD’s these days?