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January 21, 2012

Pardon our dust

Things look different here, eh? Blogging has changed over the years, and I’ve been experiencing WordPress envy. I’m proud to roll out the biggest change since moving this blog from Blogger to TypePad in the summer of ’93: Blog One Another now runs on my own server, on WordPress, woot woot!

Why am I excited? Because everything has changed underneath. I plopped down some money for a hosting service (Dreamhost) and a WordPress theme (Standard Theme), and spent a chunk of time moving everything over from TypePad. You’ll experience a number of improvements, including:

  • Speed: Pages load quickly. And I mean super-fast!
  • Comment avatars: Just sign up at Gravatar, and your smiling face will make your comments more fun!
  • Comment threading: Now more than a single level of replies! The threads of conversation will be clearer going forward.
  • Comment subscriptions: No more need to check back manually! Just click the checkbox when you add a comment, and you’ll be notified when anyone adds something new.
  • Easy sharing: Buttons float along the left side of each post. This makes it easy to share a post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

I want you to get the most out of the new setup! Here are things you can do to maximize your experience:

Update your links was my address on TypePad, but now that’s going away. So you’ll want to update your links and bookmarks.

If you list me in your blogroll (usually the sidebar), make sure you’re pointing to (Joe Garcia, I’m looking at you.)

Check your RSS subscription

The RSS feeds have changed. I’m able to redirect

  • /atom.xml
  • /rss.xml

to But it’s an unnecessary hop through the Internet. Please update your RSS subscription to use

And there are  a surprising number of you who point to something even older! Any readers pointing to either


will be left in the cold. Here’s the correct address to use in your RSS reader:

Post a comment

Try posting a comment! The very first time you comment on this new system, you’ll get an email with a link. Click that link to verify that you’re a real human being. This will only happen once; after that, we’ll believe you’re not a spambot. But it will happen once, even if you’ve posted comments before on the old system.

And as I mentioned before, comments will be more fun if we can put a face to your name. So go sign up at Gravatar! It’s useful across a number of systems.

Spot anything wrong?

Thanks for your patience during this move. If you see anything out-of-place (like broken links), please let me know in the comments.

I’m stoked!

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