April 2, 2004

[XML Icon]Randall (that would be Birgit’s husband) tried to add an RSS feed to his Blogger blog, and discovered something important: BlogMatrix is dead. For all you Blogger folks who used BlogMatrix, this means your feeds are no longer being updated. So I have rearranged my links to the right, placing “no xml” beside blogs that I have to click on to see if they’ve been updated. *sigh*

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

10 responses to No XML

  1. Jon, plug this into your aggregator and see if this works for my blog:

  2. It works! Everyone, follow Birgit to and if you run into any problems (Randall) just ask her. 🙂

  3. O great guru of the enchanted weblog: I believe I finally got it. After many sleepless hours (of course, they were during the day) I went to the Blogger main page and lo and behold, they have instructions for how to add the feed! You don’t need the ‘premium’ service, you just need to activate the site feed settings! I plugged it into my reader and it comes up fine.

  4. OK, Randall has discovered something interesting. Unfortunately the XML feed is not RSS, but something called Atom — which my aggregator doesn’t understand. Yet.

  5. At blog street you can generate RSS feed for any blog you want to….you just enter the URL, check that all is right, and hit enter, and there is your RSS feed… you don’t have to wait for people to do it for you if you don’t want to 😉
    (as long as they have working permalinks in the right location anyways…)
    Kevin Rains:
    It seems to have problems with some blogs….but it works fine with others, and you can generate an RSS feed for any blog, not just your own.

  6. My Rss feed, generated at, works fine on my Rss reader from, as well as all of the blogs that I read (even yours Jon!) so that’s as far as I think I care to go with it. So there. At least for now 😉

  7. ok, next question o blogmeister: how do you add the nice “recent comments” section to your blog? is it done automatically? i had a friend ask me this a.m. if i had read what they had posted to one of my ‘older’ posts, and i didn’t know it was there. is that a function of xml too, God forbid?!

  8. figures i have to find this out by being linked “jared no xml”. what a label. aren’t we beyond labeling humanity by their site feeds?
    Kidding. where now, my friend, do you recommend I go?

  9. The blogstreet-generated RSS suffers from the same problem as blogmatrix: it’s too slow. (Birgit, try looking at your RSS feed and you’ll see.) I want my feeds to be updated at least once a day, and that’s just not going to happen with a 3rd-party free service because it will become overwhelmed.
    Oh, and the “generate a feed for any blog you want” thing doesn’t seem to work unless I establish an account on blogstreet. So they may work OK for you Birgit, but not for me. (Besides, they’re slow.)
    So Jared, let me try out a newsreader that reads Atom as well as RSS. I’ll let everyone know.
    Randall, the “recent comments” thing is a feature of TypePad.

  10. Well, I got the blogstreet RSS and the Atom feed links up on my page now, and that is all I can do at this point, I am afraid! Hopefully with a new reader that can do Atom it will work faster. It seems that the default setting on blogger is to have the feed enabled, because I have been able to add a bunch of the blogger sites to my reader by adding atom.xml to the end of the blog address – pretty cool !