Offline for a week

October 12, 2006

ExhaustionTomorrow night I leave with Trevor’s 8th grade class for the DC/NYC Tour of Total Exhaustion! This is a big deal at his school. It’s really a coming-of-age ritual: the kids will not only be away from home for a solid week, but will be staying in hotel rooms without adults.

Here’s our insane itinerary. We’re taking a red-eye out of San Francisco tomorrow night, landing at 6:00 the following morning (3:00am body time) and starting our tour! Agh!

Needless to say, I will be offline for a week. Actually, let’s plan on no blog activity for two weeks, because I’ll need a week to recover. While I’m away, why not explore some of the blogs I list in the right column that you haven’t looked at before? You can even leave a comment here telling which ones you checked out and what your impressions were.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

14 responses to Offline for a week

  1. that schedule is nuts! God forbid they actually take in the sites their visiting.

  2. I did tour the right hand side. I think that’s how I found most of the blogging community I read. I found your blog on the side of someone else’s and so forth. At any rate, good luck with the tour.

  3. Ahh brings backk memories of when I was in 7th grade. DC is awesome, but we didn’t try to do NY as well. Whew!!! Not for the faint hearted. We want to take our kids out there one of these summers. It is an awesome experience. Hope you have a great time.

  4. looks like fun Jon!
    the itinerary doesn’t say where you got lunch in Philly. If I had seen this before you left I would have said: if you have the time, walk about 4 blocks south on 4th street to South Street and grab a cheesesteak at Jim’s at the corner of 4th and South. I know there are other opinions but for my money, Jim’s is the best cheesesteak anywhere. A visit to Philly without a cheesesteak is incomplete… and Jim’s is the best

  5. Ok it’s been over a week, tell us, tell us how was the trip??

  6. Look at this too late to catch you. Unfortunate since the office is two blocks away from the South Street Seaport. Hope you enjoyed the visit.

  7. Hang on Helen, I’ve only been back a few days!

  8. Nathan, it was nuts. Each day was packed with three times a normal day’s activity. Surprisingly, although it was exhausting, it rarely felt rushed because with many places (especially monuments) you go, look around, say to yourself, “Wow, so this is it,” but then you’re pretty much done there.

  9. Hi Kevin, thanks for dropping by! You win extra points for saying you perused my links.
    Did anybody else explore the right-hand column?

  10. I believe your week is up. It transpired on the 19th. Today is the 25th. Tsk. Tsk.

  11. Roy, I’m not sure where I was, but the cheesesteak I got from a street vendor was The. Best. I’ve. Had!

  12. Wow, everyone’s biting at the bit — this is the most encouragement I’ve had in some time to get back on the blogging horse. Thanks Kevin and everyone!
    But Tsk? Harumph! I said, “Let’s plan on no blog activity for two weeks” to allow for recovery time. I guess I should have changed the title to reflect that.

  13. Could be worse, you could have no one who loves you and is interested in your life and goings-on. Be thankfull people harrass you, it means you are important and in their hearts. 🙂