This blog in poetry

May 6, 2003

OK, I’m not ashamed to copy Andrew Careaga… Here is my blog, expressed in poetry, thanks to Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator:

blog blog.more through
me. hope but accurate answer
to steer the Message
for someone. say, something is I never do? just
that.Peace to these guys are
already doing
altered reality.++

I’m actually rather impressed!

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

4 responses to This blog in poetry

  1. No shame…I almost did the same. Instead i find originality in mass commenting my triviality.
    here’s robs fine work on mine. you get props in the last quatrain.
    “The imagery of Man
    to my
    old enema
    bags. :: jared
    5:44 PM [+] :: … LinktoComments
    Comment :: Thursday,
    April 15th is a
    homeless community that the people
    My blogs jared 5:
    interesting that i had
    gotten an outdoor
    area this is
    that in front of culture, The same way of the rock would
    welcome the
    template that they were
    it should be
    by month hospitalization
    drew me purify me,
    Wow. I wonder of
    worship whether in their
    faith, that room clearing
    out a
    while John said that but
    then I am the final pieces
    of much blogging
    friend, and
    over, Lord, on
    stage2 U2
    is one
    showed up; there?!? is just
    took the
    ongoing, endeavor to
    Jon and ran
    around me, Finally, spoke
    a world community , rather than a
    wise man to silence. ”

  2. Could poetry experience a revival thanks to blogs and technology? Gawd, I hope not! 🙂

  3. my old enema bags
    I must say, Jared, it’s that first verse that I find most… arresting.

  4. Darken the lights, cue the spot, mike stand ready, stepping up, Latte’ in hand, and in choppy-rapp fashion I chant a sample of my prose:
    A Christian band in his
    small church
    a ton of praise to
    just one and I am
    reading The Holy
    living. On
    our house, or emotions.
    Heeyyyyy, not bad. This thing-a-ma-jig can stay awhile! Thanks for rehashing it!