One ring to rule them all…

December 12, 2003

[3D model rendering of the One Ring]At the last minute, I went to see the special edition of The Fellowship of the Ring last night, from 8:30 til midnight. Wonderful. I was expecting the extra half-hour mostly in Lorien, not sprinkled throughout the movie, and certainly not an extended focus on Bilbo and Hobbiton at the very beginning.

When’s the last time you went to to the theater, and at the end of the movie, everyone applauded?

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

8 responses to One ring to rule them all…

  1. Not in a long time that’s for srue! I still want to see the extended version! I didn’t realize it was 4 hours long though. Wow! T

  2. Uh, Rich, some clock math: 8:30 to midnight is 3 and a half hours, not 4. 😉

  3. Not since I’ve seen Braveheart (and this was in my home country!). I like the plots by Tolkien. I think it’s an amazing tale. =)

  4. As a fan of the book, the extended versions of the first two films corrected some things that angered me in the film cuts. The important connection to Gimli and Gladriel, for example, and they add back in the trees of Fangorn finishing off the orcs at Helm’s Deep. We’re still disappointed at them ruining Faramir’s noble character, but that’s Hollywood… I was really surprised at how much better the Two Towers was in the extended version. A much stronger film in general.

  5. Faramir, yeah, but I can see why they did it: They want to demonstrate his character by having him change where Boromir did not. It was a surprising and uncomfortable change from the book, though. But I am relieved to hear the Ents made it to Helm’s Deep — that did not make sense at all.
    My brother-in-law called me to go out to see The Two Towers last night. Sadly, I had to decline because I am suffering from a flu with low-grade symptoms. But I’m tired of being sick.

  6. Not to get into some long lotr discussion, but that is exactly what they said in the “From the book to film” documentary in the extended version. They do a much better job with it by putting a whole section back in where Faramir, Boromir and their father Denethor confront each other. It explains a lot about the character of Faramir in the film and they say how it would have been “death on film” to have him show up, invite Sam and Frodo to tea and then say “I’m not interested in the ring, be on your way.” As you say, this helps to develop the character over time. I was tempted to join Joshua at the midnight premier this a.m., but I had to make an early presentation at work today. Maybe tomorrow. Hope you feel better!

  7. Saw this last night when I was terribly sleepy. And for the first time, the movie kept me awake!! Awesome story. (off-topic) I like the “rudolph” look on your profile pic, Jon! You should update that every month or during occasions, say look like a turkey or something during thanksgiving. haha. Or have a birthday hat during your birthday. Or maybe even a graduate during end of school years. That would be funny)

  8. (New picture courtesy of Birgit, who seems to like taking my image in vain.)