Poll: Where should I post daily personal “stuff”?

July 13, 2008

So the other day I was showing Noelle our nifty Roomba, which we like very much. She sort of sniffed and said, “It couldn’t have been that great — you didn’t blog about it.” Ah, but I did put it in my Facebook status, so Noelle, you’re missing out because a fair bit of random stuff goes there.

But that helped me realize that I used to post the random “stuff” of daily life right here — so those of you who either a) refuse to try Facebook because it’s trendy which makes it uncool, or b) are on Facebook but are not one of my “friends”, may be missing out. Or not.

So, dear reader, I would appreciate it if you would take this poll. Both of you.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

19 responses to Poll: Where should I post daily personal “stuff”?

  1. no joke, i was talking to brandi 10 minutes ago about a post you wrote:
    J: what post, i didnt see a new post on his blog
    B: i dont know where it was, i just saw it
    J: it was on facebook wasn’t it?
    B: i-dont-know!
    J: prolly facebook.
    J: yup, there it is…. trapped in facebook.
    where ever it is it would be awesome if it has an RSS feed that was accessible (ie, not facebook 🙂
    I tried http://del.icio.us/ for a while but settled on the Note Feature in Google Reader:

  2. Hey Jeff! I didn’t know you came through here.
    Funny, I just wrote Dave about how, if I were motivated, I could try writing something that takes a Tweet and posts it to my blog (as opposed to a badge showing only my current status).

  3. Facebook? MySpace? Blechhhh.

  4. Randall, who doesn’t know the difference between Facebook and MySpace, gets a FB invite. 🙂
    Oh, the difference is: Facebook pages will not make you go blind.

  5. I’d prefer you to post things here, because then I see it in my RSS feed, as opposed to not having one for Facebook. (firehose, anyone?)

  6. Tom, click on “Friends” which takes you to All Friends -> Status Updates. In the right sidebar at the bottom, you should see the RSS symbol, labeled “Friends’ Status Feed”. Uh, put that in your reader of choice. You’re welcome.

  7. Facebook isn’t uncool because it’s trendy. It’s uncool because it’s loud, obnoxious, and I have enough problems controlling my daily life without having to update my current feelings on the universe every 5 minutes on yet ANOTHER internet fad. It’s also why I don’t play the sims. I have a blog and I feel like that is hard to keep up with at times, why would I add yet another thing into my life, especially one who’s SOLE purpose is to collect data about me so that people can market to me?

  8. Hear, hear. I second Noelle’s opinion. And it isn’t that I don’t know the difference between Facebook and Myspace, Jon. It’s that I equate the two. Both of them are “social networking” sites that are full of ads and other nonsense (I learned all I ever needed to know, but was afraid to ask about it on Wikipedia ;).
    It is also not really the requiring a password that has kept me from using Facebook although that was my initial reaction the first time I received an “invite” from a user (“Oh no, ,not another password site!”). I created a MySpace account because it was what the youth used to post updates during their missions trip. I tried copy/pasting my blog entries to it for a while but I got tired of the constant invites from thinly veiled porn sites or salespeople and gave up on it. Thanks but no thanks.

  9. Btw, I get a kick out of your poll widget and the second highest being “doesn’t matter, I don’t follow your daily life.” I also like the conundrum of those who answered “I don’t read your blog.” How the heck did they respond to the poll w/o reading the blog??? ;D

  10. Man, the porn is the only thing that I think is good about those accounts! 😀

  11. You Luddite freeloader haters.
    Randall, I am sending you a snapshot of some of my FB friends.

  12. Jon, thank you thank you thank you. I have RSS feed for the status updates now! I always felt like I was missing out on a gajillion updates because I only go to facebook when a get an email from them about friends requests etc. I am RSS-happy now.
    This isn’t the first time you’ve given me magic keys (the first I remember was when you taught me how to get pictures to show up properly on my blog back in 2004).
    Grace and peace from Switzerland!

  13. Hooray for magic keys! 🙂

  14. “Luddite freeloader haters”!!!
    That is so awesome!! Love it!
    I want a shirt that says “Luddite freeloader hater” on the front and “Facebook is LAME!” on the back.
    Me and Randall can wear them as we tirelessly reject invitations to join. It will be awesome.

  15. LOL
    (Meanwhile, on FB, I was just contacted by an old friend Kay & I met when we were missionaries in Japan.)

  16. So, did we win, or do you just not have personal stuff to post???

  17. I have decided to post my stuff on a dozen different places so that you can’t find me, like http://12seconds.tv/channel/jon.reid/

  18. Thanks for creating the poll. I can see from the results that most people prefer to see personal stuff on the same blog. I am tired of maintaining separate blogs for different areas of my life. So from today I will experiment putting all into my main blog, which is currently just about by profession. http://adrian.videolane.net

  19. Adrian, I think the lesson is that while a good blog may focus on a particular topic, many of your readers will appreciate knowing a bit about who you are: “Who is this person, anyway?” ProBlogger probably has useful tips about the balance to strike. Good luck!