Puzzle 1989-2009

June 25, 2009


Today, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died. But my tears were for Puzzle, our twenty-year-old cat.

Puzzle died peacefully in his bed this afternoon. I am sad, but glad that he was not in any apparent distress. He just gradually slowed down. I would like to go like that when it’s my turn.

We got Puzzle when we were missionaries in Japan, twenty years ago. He was from our favorite place in the whole world, Lake Nojiri, where Kay & I met. He joins his adopted brother Tigger beyond the veil. Hey guys, further up and further in. Oh wait, you’re cats, you don’t take instructions. Never mind, you’ll figure it out.

Twenty years. Peace, old friend. You deserve it.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

22 responses to Puzzle 1989-2009

  1. awwwww…what a great cat…and a nice tribute…too much sadness today…

  2. “Hey guys, further up and further in. Oh wait, you’re cats, you don’t take instructions. Never mind, you’ll figure it out.”
    I love this. Sorry to hear he’s gone. What a great life!

  3. Thanks, Carrie. An unusual day.

  4. Samia, he had a long, good life.
    I just tucked in the girls. Erin said, “Will there be animals in heaven?”
    “Of course,” I replied.
    “Well, I don’t want any weird ones!”

  5. Aww man, so sorry, Jon. He was a good kitty and he will be missed!

  6. Noelle, thanks for being his friend. (I’m glad he waited until we got home from vacation.)

  7. So sorry to hear Jon… I know exactly how you feel. So long Puzzle… say hi to loki for me.

  8. I’m sorry. I’m glad he went peacefully after a good life with loving owners. And from the photo I can tell he was a beautiful animal, too.

  9. Gus, it means a lot coming from you.

  10. Thank you, Bad Alice. He was skinny and snotty for some time, so this nice photo of him looking healthy really caught me.

  11. So sad for you but like you said, it’s the nicest way to go and 20 years for a cat is wonderful! It’s nice you had so many happy years together! This post may be of some help to you: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2009/04/6-ways-to-cope-with-death-of-pet.html

  12. Hi Jon & Fam — so sorry to hear about your loss.
    When we lost Ibu after 21 years — she had predated me in Cathy’s life! — it was a heavy heavy blow. That was back in 2005 but I still get choked up abuot it at times. My heart goes out to you and yours.
    (And tell Erin, according to the stuff Isaiah and John saw, I think there will be PLENTY of weird animals in heaven!) =O)

  13. So sorry. Good kitty.

  14. Pets are part of our families. We miss them no matter what. I can just imagine him running freely now and getting into everything, as he did in his final dreams.
    Peace for those left behind….

  15. Karen, thanks for the tips. #3 (writing a blog post) is definitely part of my process.

  16. Thanks, Keith. Two decades is a big chunk of time with lots of memories.

  17. Jason, he was a good kitty. Unlike Tigger! 🙂

  18. Debbie, ありがとう。

  19. Hey Puz,
    Glad you could join me … but five years gives me quite a head start. That bark of a meow has been transformed into a fine tuned set of pipes. Now I’m the fourth Tenor.

  20. Nice, CRK.
    Everyone, click through to Tigger’s obituary to see what Tigger is responding to.

  21. In the old dog and cat theologies, dogs think we’re God and cats think they’re God. Imagine Puzzle has puzzled that one out by now. Maybe his transition can help us realize we’re not God either.

  22. ZooDad, cats are funny that way. Maybe we’re funny, too.