San Jose gatherings

March 23, 2007

I feel like God has “benched” me when it comes to anything missional, at least for now. It took a while, but I’m finally OK with that.

So why is it, that when I reach a point of peace of sitting on the sidelines, there is a Greenhouse conference this weekend for organic churches and church planters, and an Integral Mission conference next weekend about “the essential link between mission and discipleship” (including Brian McLaren) — both here in town?

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

11 responses to San Jose gatherings

  1. Are you going to go to either/both?

  2. Maybe He’s putting you back in the game????

  3. Maybe He’s putting you back in the game????

  4. Sorry to post twice – not very experienced at this! I think I only get to make the previous comment because we were definitely benched the last four years, and are getting put back in the game just now! In fact, Dave Pardee (the Vineyard U.S. guy over Japan) is here with us now, and actually our Pastor here (not Vineyard) is the one who felt it was time for us to plant a church again. Pray for us! Getting ready to get out of the boat again…

  5. Hi Andrea! Wow has it been four years? And now you are going back out! Wow! You should start up an e-letter for people to pray for you. I’d be happy to be first on the list. When are you coming back to the US? I guess not for awhile.
    Joh, I checked out both web sites.Wow Brian McClaren here in SJ. Cool.

  6. Jon, I will be at the Christian Writer’s Conference that weekend. It’d be cool to see Brian Mclaren. We saw him a long time ago, remember?

  7. I’d love to hear about the conference. Blessings and more fire!

  8. Beth: I went to neither.

  9. Andrea: Omigosh, it’s you! And thanks for sharing, that is really encouraging to know that you’re back in! But as for us, for now, we are definitely sitting on the sidelines.

  10. Helen: Heh, I sure do remember when we saw him. Our whole world exploded shortly afterwards!

  11. Jason: Since I didn’t go to either conference, I’d love to hear more about them, too!