Speak gibberish

October 21, 2005

Come on, we can all do it if we try. Wugi sagi wagi!

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

44 responses to Speak gibberish

  1. LOL That was crazy! Where did you find THAT?

  2. suki waki siu.
    Oh yea and Neki waki wa

  3. saki kaki wiki! Haga sa ugi!

  4. Sagi wuki mahali Angeber snickuki!

  5. hey well i think gibberish is a kool language and i just want to learn how to speak it to talk to my friends in private so my brother wouldnt no what im talkin bout cause he is really noisy so yea i think it sounds kool i can understand it i just cant speak it! help me please email me to give me tips or something please and thank you!

  6. The easyist i find would be “dialect gibberish” its reali easy and a quike way to learn just print out some papers of how to speak dialect gibberish and read them over. Then go around your house and try to spell things that u see, only in gibberish

  7. i meant the easyist it “itherg” dialect

  8. Hi..
    I would love it a lot if someone would explain how to speak gibberish.. If only so that I may understand the song “Gibberish” By Relient K..
    So.. If someone would explain it, I would greatly appreciate you. Thanks

  9. How you speak gibberish is:
    lets use an example, tree. you take the first sound and u add idiga. so, tridiga. then u take away the “a” sound and add the rest of the syllable. tridigee.
    heres another example. Kayla:). Kidigaylidiga. so basically you do the same thing you did in the tree example for every syllable in a word. 🙂
    There are also other dialects to gibberish such as dither, ivigo, and many others. i prefer idiga.
    hope i helped!

  10. hidigey whidigat idigis idigup?
    idigi lidiguv spidigeakidiging “gidigiberidigish” LOL
    idiganywidigay tidigake cidigare

  11. Stacey, you are a spaz!

  12. Yeah sure am, how are you (everybody) lol im bored..
    hey jon do u have msn?

  13. No, I don’t have MSN. And is there an “everybody” here? What you have stumbled upon, o lover of gibberish, is my personal blog, and this particular blog entry I wrote a year ago.
    But I’m glad you’re here, Stacey, and I invite you to come check out my recent entries. Just go to the top of the page and click the big “blog one another” title along the top, and jump in to any topics that interest you. 🙂

  14. Okay yeah some people add “idiga” but this is how I speak it and it’s much easier.
    Start with the word cookie.
    You would just add ‘diga’ or ‘digo’ or ‘digee’ at the end of each syllable depending on the major vowel sound
    like cookie would be:
    or you could say
    coo’diga’ instead of ‘digo’
    say it out loud, it’s pretty easy. I’ve been speaking it for about 6 years now, I started in 5th grade and I’m now 16. Now I kind of madlib a few words and I don’t always use the ‘digo’ ‘diga’ I just mess around to make it faster.
    Like the word lunch is pretty obvious if you just say “lunchdigo”
    so I say
    see how I put the digo in the middle so it’s less obvious at what the word is
    but doing this automatically comes with time, so practice makes perfect! teach one of your friends gibberish too, so yall both can practice. It also amazes people a lot lol that you can speak it. My friend Emily and I have been speaking it since 5th grade together, so it’s pretty cool now.

  15. Here are some words for whoever to practice:
    [I learned with cookie so I tend to use that as an example]
    thadigat [another one of my crazy madlibs but it sounds cooler and it’s funner to say rather than thatdigo]
    Now say it in a sentence!
    Putigo thadigat coodigokiedigee indigee thedigee jardigo! modigotherdigger fudigockerdigger! woo!
    pedigeeace outigo!
    yeah sometimes when it the syllable ends in “er” I tend to make the ending “digger” lol weird huh! it’s just how I adapted and evolved gibberish over my life of speaking it, lol.

  16. Lizzi,
    You have quite the technique! Codigom chedigeck thedigiee redigest odigof mydigy blodigog.

  17. i dnt do it lidigike thidagis i do it with v’s it so much easyer to have a conversation when ur using v”s and not d’s e.g
    hevagallavago havagow avagare yovagaou

  18. Fivagine, thavaganks Javagake.

  19. can someone teach me how to speak it flluently just email me at [email protected] thavaganks:):):)

  20. Lidigyadigee isigo cooligo. 😀

  21. idigi hidigave idiga queidigstion fidigor yidigou.
    midige idgaidignd midigy fridigiend hidigave bidigeen sayidiging gibidigaberidigaish fidigor idiga bidigit nidigow idigaidignd idigi widigas wonidigderidiging idigif idiganyidigone knidigows hidigow tidigo spidigeak idigit bidigy hidieart?

  22. Just put idiga inbetween your words like:
    hidigow adigar yidigu
    translation: how are you
    adigand thidigare yidigu gidigo!
    (and there you go!)

  23. This is too hard !! I have wanted to know forever!!

  24. can some1 plz teach me how to speak in gibberish

  25. Julia,Jacqueline, and Allie June 1, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    that was funny but i would really like some1 2 explain it a little better 2 me b/c that movie i don’t think they were even speaking gibberish!
    w/e try to put a video in there that explains how to do it!

  26. can some1 plz teach me how to speak in gibberish plz

  27. hey
    well i speak a type of gibberish which is like a lot easier than most. instead of adding ‘idiga’ or something in every syllable i just add a ‘g’ so it would be like.
    hegellago. hgow agare ygou? gigibberagish igis ragealagy egeasagy ogonce ygou geget thge hgang ogof igit.
    in english that would be
    hello. how are you? gibberish is really easy once you get the hang of it.
    i just started learning a couple of weeks ago, because all my friends speak it. i can understand it when people speak it, and i can speak it, just not very fast. you just have to keep practising alot.
    hgave fgun lagearnaging igit. tgake cgare.

  28. hi um i need help speaking gibberish can some1 plz help me plz.

  29. I didn’t know Gibberish. I learned it at my dance studio last night. My friends Marcie and Jessica were speaking it so fast I said to them what are you saying? Both of them said we are speaking gibberish. So I’m like teach me . They said it was easy if I listened carfully I would get it. So, after 25 minutes of hearing them speak I got that they put idiga in between the words.
    Bidigaye (Bye)



  32. Does is matter which one you use like idigo and stuff

  33. im confused i think i need help bidigaye

  34. this gberish makes me lagh so hard i freakin cry!!

  35. help. email me or message my myspace

  36. K, Idiga thidigink I’m doing it wrong. Haha, all my friends speak gibberish and the won’t teach me. The said I have to do it on my own or I won’t be able to make it personal..well, hope im doiking okay. Lol

  37. uhthegits uhthegeasuhthegy tuhthego tuhthegalk guhthegibuhthegeruhthegish.

  38. thutheank yuhthegoo fuhthegor yuhthegor cuhthegommuhthegent!

  39. gibberish is hard speak pig latain its way easier! just take a word like tree! take off the t and you have ree, Take the t to the end and add ay! it would be reetay.try it!

  40. anksthay addimay orfay ouryay ommentcay!

  41. Hi I would really like to know how to speak gibberish because all of my friends speak it and it’s to hard for them to teach me:( so please email me how to speak it please I would be happy!
    Thank you,
    Christina Gardner!!!

  42. Its Christina agen i just want you to email me back how to speak gibberish @[email protected] thanks

  43. Christina, did anyone reply to you via email? I think you’d do better to ask your friends again, since gibberish is really spoken, not written (as it is in the comments here on my blog).