My Spitzer-induced rant

March 14, 2008

As I recover from this nasty cold/flu/thing, I feel a rant coming on.

Eliot Spitzer! You have perpetuated this image of prostitution as a high-class institution, full of mystery only available to the initiates. Did it not strike you that you are increasing the demand? As MomLogic asks, “What does a woman do to you for $4,300 a ‘session’?”

People of the press! Your fascination with the possibility that the prostitute will gain fame from this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Did it not strike you that by projecting this image of glamour, you are increasing the supply? Follow the example of the New York Times and clearly identify “high-class prostitution” as an oxymoron!

Fools! Thanks to you, another “John” will kiss his family good-bye to leave for an important “business trip” to Thailand — or simply arrange for an “escort” right in the suburbs. Another desperate girl will be lured by promises of love and comfort, only to find herself beaten, raped, tortured until her will is crushed.

And being well-informed fools, you probably know that the modern-day slave trade dwarfs that of the past. It’s just better hidden, and by your actions, you have served their purposes.

I dare Spitzer and the press to sit down and watch Lilja 4-Ever. It’s easy, just put it in your Netflix queue. Organize viewing parties — heck, I’ll host one if you want. I dare you.

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