February 11, 2004

[stuck deep in mud]So I spent several days working up the courage to do one of the most ballsy things I’ve ever set out to do: Call the decision makers who interviewed me and tell them “no” is not good enough. Well, more polite then that — basically, don’t let one “no” end the conversation. I was going to do this on Monday, arranging to get together during the week.

Then Monday came. All three kids stayed home sick, and I was sick as well. Nothing big, but enough to make me sleep most of the day away. On Tuesday, I was feeling better but still not 100%, and besides I was stuck at home with our littlest who was still sick while Kay went to her part-time work. And now it seems awkward to try to arrange meetings when we will be leaving for vacation in a few days. So I was rather frustrated on Tuesday, feeling like I had worked up all that momentum only to be bogged down in the mud.

Kay said: “Don’t worry, Jon. God’s Plan Z is better than our Plan A.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

2 responses to Stuck

  1. Jon, this is a good idea. I recently hired someone who did this. He came in for one job, and then I thought he might be a better fit for a different job, but I didn’t prepare people for that switch, so when I walked around after the interviews and asked people if he would work in the second job, nobody was enthusiastic.
    When I told him we would not be offering him a job, he said that it wasn’t really fair, he hadn’t been given a good shot at the second job, and I realized he was right. I walked around and talked to people, let them know why I thought he was worth talking to again, brought him back focused on the the second job, and we ended up hiring him, and he turned out to be an outstanding hire.

  2. Where does Kay get these sayings?? I still use the ‘God’s not having an emergency committee in heaven about it’ one, now another great one “God’s plan Z is better that our plan A” Love it!!!!!!!
    I like that kind of faith, in a God who has everthing in his capable and loving hands.
    Saying a prayer right now, that God will bring the right job for you, brother. Love ya!! Hang in there!!