Teddy’s Gig

July 5, 2004

[Roland, the minstrel pig]Yesterday, a carload of “groupies” went to cheer on Teddy as he performed at the renowned Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society in Half Moon Bay. Teddy was the opening act, but this was a special 4th of July extended concert, so he got to play two short sets — and got an encore each time! I have never heard of an opening act getting encores. But then Teddy is amazing, and as usual completely blows away the main act. I took pictures.

In addition to the show itself, it was delightful to spend 9 hours with good friends — driving there (listening to Teddy’s new CD which sounds great!), hanging out, enjoying the show, eating together, watching fireworks, driving back… We talked about life, politics, movies, music, money, and how God is intertwined in all of it. Thank you Kay for letting me do this.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

4 responses to Teddy’s Gig

  1. Speaking of road trips, are you going to the Soliton Sessions this year? Myself and Greg (emerging minister) are going together. It would be cool to hook up with you while out there.

  2. Life is good, because the wife is good…
    (That is my own on the spot translation of “If Mamma aint happy – aint nobody happy” ..) because I was glad to see you give Kay some credit for your glee …
    Looks like fun was had by all…

  3. Looks great, less filling!

  4. Jeph, it would be way cool to hang out with you and Greg at the Sessions! Now I have another incentive to go…
    Beth, oh yes, the wife is good. And kind, understanding, but no-nonsense and straight-up at the same time.
    Greg, it’s amazing what one super-talented person can do with just an acoustic guitar!