Temporary Tattoo

September 11, 2003

[temporary tattoo]One week ago today, I received a temporary “tattoo” which served as my admission badge to the Soliton Sessions. It has been a daily reminder of the important experiences I had. But now it is starting to come off; it’s kind of sad and I’ve been tempted to ask for another one. (Idea for the Bridge gang: include one with each DVD.)

But perhaps it is fitting that the image of expanding ripples begins to fade, while its energy continues to move outward invisibly. Last night in our home group gathering, I tried for the first time to summarize my experience at The Sessions. It was a good exercise because it refocused me.

Mike asked, “What did you bring back for us, Jon?” I answered, “I bring a question: Why are we here? What is our group for, if it is not to extend the kingdom of God into the world around us?” A number of good questions were raised, and Kay kept it from becoming a monologue by periodically asking things like, “What does that mean for us? How do we carry this beyond talking into something we put into practice?”

We closed our time in prayer, asking God to lead us outside the church “walls”. Prayers like that don’t go unanswered; I hope we will be able to look back on last night and see it as a pivotal point in the life of our group.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

4 responses to Temporary Tattoo

  1. where do you even begin, to start to realize that you have to unpack a suitcase that has so many exciting, yet scary implications. Wow…I am still kinda just bobing along in the depth somewhere. Very excited, feeling like I am in this huge spacecraft that is about to take off….3…2….1….boom. What is left over is the things that are “unshakable” and that is the real prize…

  2. I may have to pack a few of the tats in your dvd Jon…
    Good story. My favorite part? That the question you posed your group was not one directly posed you by any of the speakers that you wrote down and took home with you…It’s something I heard you wrestling with in our first meal together. It was the meta question in the fabric of everything else we experienced last weekend. I love that! So many people come away trying to own what was discussed, trying to merely take it all in–though that’s an important part of it too. But you allowed what was said to instead pull out of you what you were already wrestling with–“Why am I here?”
    I can learn so much from how you listen…

  3. Hey, I’m starting the small group on Monday. Pray for us because I’m really relying on God to show up and challenge us…
    I’ve run over many of your previous posts pertaining to your small group activities. Man, I hope we have has much fun.
    Any thoughts before it all begins? If nothing, that’s totally cool. I know you’re busy. And I’m sure things will be fine anyway. 🙂
    By the way, that question you posed to your group was EXACTLY what I was going to start with, followed by a little activity on community. That was awesome to read that. Thanks.

  4. Wonderful post. I love temporary tatoos, and this is indeed a fitting image.