Multi-faceted vision

May 28, 2003

[Crystal with many facets]The cat’s out of the bag: there was an announcement on Sunday about the new home group we’ll be starting. Our friend Jan asked me about the new Bible study and I said, “It’s not going to be a Bible study — though we will be looking at the Bible.” Oh, she replied, then it’s a healing group? “It’s not going to be a healing group — though we will be praying for healing for each other.” I’m afraid I left her a bit confused, because she approached Kay next, saying, “Your husband was a bit cryptic.” Kay did better by saying something more along the lines of our prepared answer, Our group is about being real with each other, being real with God, and letting God be real with us. And having a lot of fun doing it. I think Kay said something about taking off our masks.
But even our prepared answer leaves me unsatisfied, because as I said before, our vision is multi-faceted. So I stayed up last night making a new web page that just jumps in and describes several of those facets as “some things that are important to us”. …So there you go, Jan, I hope this is more helpful than my cryptic response!

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

4 responses to Multi-faceted vision

  1. Kewl new web page, Jon! Best anticrypticality I’ve seen lately. Thank you for clarifying. And an honor to be your blog mention of the day.

  2. Hi! You have a pretty neat blog! And — I’ve been wanting sooooooo much to load some kind of pics or images on my blog, but still haven’t figured out how to do it so…A little practice and I’ll make it. I will keep your home group in my prayers. This is so strange. Right about the time I decided that I will finally join a home group (and made up my mind about it), you and Kay reveal this! Wednesdays are not very good for me though…at least as long as there is school. May you continue to bear beautiful and abundant fruits for the Lord our God!

  3. I know what you mean about other not understanding multifaceted and wholistic elements of the emergent church. Actually the unchurched postmoderns often “get it” more then the moderns who are churched (and that’s the majority of the church imho). I loved your wife’s description!
    Hey, great web page btw!

  4. Multifaceted and wholistic
    …And the thing is, it all makes sense to me! But I guess the fact that it’s hard to boil down to a pithy statement is a good thing, hopefully an indicator that we’re on the right track.