The Devil’s Bible

August 19, 2005

NIVKay did most of the back-to-school shopping before we left for vacation, but today we reviewed the list. Trevor still needed dividers and a thesaurus, and Erin needed a Bible. New International Version, to be precise. So off I went to our local Christian bookstore.

It’s funny, I used to love such stores. Now I find them an odd mix of the good and the creepy, and grit my teeth before entering. But I was still caught off-guard by another shopper in the Bible section.

“They shouldn’t sell any Bibles other than the King James Version. The NIV, now, that’s the devil’s Bible!”

I did not respond. A number of responses went through my head, but nothing this fellow would hear. He went on for a while, then said, “I’ve been saved 18 years, and I’m a deacon in my church.” So I said, “You have to choose what is most helpful for you, what will help you grow,” and left with Erin’s NIV, thoroughly creeped out.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

13 responses to The Devil’s Bible

  1. Pride is the route of all sins
    It is odd when corporations run “religious” centers for a profit. So they hire those who claim the most “religious” people in the the community. I have found that Some of these employees like to claim that they are given some sort of divine intervention.
    Didn’t anyone read all that crap Jesus said to the Pharisees? I am pretty sure if Jesus walked into one of the these bible bookstores the first thing he would do is flip over tables.

  2. I avoid those Christian stores like the plague. Anywhere that sells Christianity rather than gives it away is just plain wrong.
    Oh, and welcome back.

  3. W O W. This only means I am a satanic christian!

  4. Well, I think we all know translating the Bible into Latin was a mistake. That’s not the language of my Jesus!

  5. OK, so someday, I’d like to hear from someone on why people put so much faith in a book that has “versions”. If it’s he word of God, and people go to war over it and live their lives according to it, and quote it all the time, shouldn’t it at least be pretty static?
    Athiest looking for a good … well… justification here. (I know the *reason* why there’s versions of course.) I just think it adds to my list of reasons I can’t seem to put any faith into it. It may be a reason other seem to be having difficulty with it too. Food for thought.
    And ya, that guy sucks. You should be able to get any bible you want. Let me know if I grossly misunderstand the concept here, but it’s literally all supposed to be good, right?

  6. Rob, Jason: At one time, it was fairly common for Vineyard churches to have bookstores — to provide helpful resources the church believes in, and to make money so as not to be totally dependent on the weekly offering. Is that wrong?
    Kryx: I knew it all along.
    Chris: You’re absolutely right. The Bible is meant to be read in the original German.

  7. if the king james bible was good enough for jesus and paul, then its good enough for me!

  8. Not the original Klingon? 😉

  9. Jon: There is quite a big difference between a corporation (run by who likely do not ask Jesus about something before they do it) trying to make a profit off of anything that they deem “Christian” and supporting the ministries of a church through a book store in the back of a church.
    After reading through this again two thoughts:
    Thought 1: By the process of deciding what can and can not be sold in a so-called Christian book store, that corporation is able to establish its own set of doctrinal beliefs and in a way establish its own denomination that is unique to that particular store or corporate entity that runs it.
    Thought 2: Making money by selling books at church is great for getting people to give to the church…maybe. I say sell everything to make a profit. If that money is put into serving people or giving it to those in need we can make a great impact. Heck why stop there. Sell the chairs, crap that hangs on the walls, any excess crap just sitting around we are paying to to store. Lets ban together as a church and make lots of money so we can give it away.
    end rant- Rob

  10. “Give it away, give it away, give it away now!”

  11. The people we buy parenting books from also sell a book called something like “Why KJV is the only bible” and that got me SO curious. I thought to myself, how could ANYONE believe that one translation is the only “sanctioned by God” translation of the bible?
    I read an article about the book, and the person who wrote it is really looney, imho. STRANGE rationale for believing that. Hard to believe. Anyway these folks are out there and many are genuine belivers, just decieved on this issue as I imagine there is some issue that I am decieved on.
    Issues I’ve been deceived on:
    “The gifts ceased with the early church”
    “God no longer heals today.”
    “I have to get God to love me.”

  12. i buy my bibles from walmart, they’re like $5 there!
    noelle: versions = translations. they really don’t vary that much, just rephrasings of the same. someone (or a group of someones) comes along and decides the versions available don’t speak to their group adequately enough, so they go back to the original text and put it in their own words. lots of people believe this or that version has a better interpretation of the original text, but in the end the stories, messages, and spirit is present.

  13. oh, i didn’t notice that other post would be the proper place to put this…tee hee