Toyota Prius

January 26, 2005

Prius display414 miles on the last tank. 48.0 miles per gallon. My mileage has gone up slightly on each tank; I think I am learning how to coax the most efficiency from this car.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

2 responses to Toyota Prius

  1. Jeanne Hilgendorf March 14, 2006 at 8:28 pm

    Our 2005 Prius performed exactly as sticker said it would. Then we took it in for 1st oil change. Now we get 32 mpg in town and 52 highway. Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Jeanne,
    You might try searching the entries on — I recall reading about some folks who have had experiences similar to yours. Check out the care, maintenance and troubleshooting section.
    Good luck!