Twitter WAS a Cocktail Party: Why @Replies Mattered

June 12, 2009

Twitter WAS a cocktail party

Photo by Ann Larie Valentine (license), adapted by Jon Reid

Fresh on the heels of Twitter Is A Cocktail Party comes my second TwiTip guest post, Twitter WAS A Cocktail Party. Has Twitter seemed unusually quiet to you this past month? It’s because you no longer see what one person says to another. This is a big deal because @replies were the main thing that created Twitter’s virtual cocktail party effect.

In my article, I explain the old (and easily misunderstood) @replies option, what Twitter changed, and how you can work around the change for selected tweets. Following the metaphor to its bitter end, it’s like the host of the party turned up the music so loud that it’s possible to have conversations, but difficult to overhear any. But if you think your conversation might benefit others, you can shout. See my article.

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