vlog #1

April 10, 2005

It’s Will‘s fault: Here’s my first vlog.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

15 responses to vlog #1

  1. dude, that’s rad.

  2. Jon, that rocks. Nice to hear your voice and see your face beyond a picture. Something is happening here. It could be a bunch of geeks with cameras, and maybe part of it is that. But I also think that a bunch of us are starting to figure out how to use the medium to extend the Church. Pretty exciting stuff.

  3. This is like a serious case of TMTOYH, but.. I like it, don’t stop! (wish I had a watermelon, I mean a webcam).

  4. Jon, welcome to the vlogosphere bro. It’s nice to meet you, man.
    Two things:
    1) Get an RSS 2.0 Feed going via Feedburner so I can watch in video aggregators, like ANT (http://www.antnottv.org)
    2) Ping http://www.videoblogging.info/ping/ so you are not stuck in the church vlogosphere that might be emerging.
    Awesome, looking forward to more vids.

  5. Wow. Cool. 😀

  6. I second Aaron.
    If you have any questions as you develop this, the videoblogging yahoo group can be really helpful

  7. HAH, I can see Jon live! 😀 This is friggin’ awesomusome!

  8. Randall, most digital cameras made in the past 3 years or so have video capability. A lot of vloggers seem to use cameras because they’re so handy, letting you capture spur-of-the-moment thoughts — like a blog.
    I have a new feed for this blog, over there on the left. Thanks to Aaron and Jonny for the tips!

  9. Kil-Jan-Roy Was Here! (whoa – that was unintentionally ominous-sounding) It’s cool to see you vlogging – how long do you think until we can just Transport?

  10. Wow, thats terrific! It definitely adds something to hear your voice and watch your face move. Your voice sounds different than I had anticipated… a bit softer. You are an articulate guy, Jon. And I’m stoked the job has come through…

  11. Loved it. Listened to it on headphones in a room full of a few hundred people (see my latest blog entry), and was grinning at the screen. Maybe your next career will be as the pastor of a virtual church. You really connect with the people, man! Strength and peace and grace and (dare I say) reality flowing through the screen… 🙂

  12. Hey Jon! Really enjoyed the video. Keep it up! Might one day inspire me to use my blog again.

  13. Greg, I’m always happy when you stop by.
    Katherine, wow! Pastor of a virtual church? That would actually be easier as a virtual traditional church, in which most communication is one-way, from the pulpit to the pews. That would never work for me. So if I’m going to pastor a virtual emerging church, that means the rest of you are going to have to start video-blogging, so we can get closer to virtual conversation and two-way, three-way, n-way interaction!
    Rick: Good to hear from you man! I’m trying to fight the good fight in Core Tech again. 🙂

  14. Hey, this vlog is really cool! I haven’t seen your face or heard you voice in …..more years than either of us probably want to remember. Totally awesome!
    Since I JUST got my own home computer & internet connection 2 months ago, I am feeling left in the dust behind the advance of new technology, but I love this new stuff.
    Vlog on, Jon