Whale Rider

February 11, 2004

[Whale Rider]I rented Whale Rider on Kevin Rains‘ strong recommendation. It is fabulous. Non-Hollywood films always surprise me with how different they feel. Yes, we’re used to the stereotype of blowing up lots of stuff, but even with dramas, there is definitely a “let’s keep clipping along” tempo to Hollywood films. Whale Rider is not afraid to linger. Consequently, some people don’t like it because “it’s too slow.” I thought it was luscious.

The first time we watched it, the question it raised for me was: What if the only way to save the old ways is to break them? I love the climax of the film, when we are looking at the face of Koro, the staunch traditionalist, as his paradigm comes crashing down and he realizes that he has been opposing the very thing he thought he was seeking.

The second time we watched it, the question is raised for me was: What is my destiny, my call? For a couple months now my fire to pursue the spiritual adventure has been low. …Not surprising, given the stress of my present unemployment. But I don’t want to miss the adventure. I think God has given me something. The whale songs became a reminder to me of the greater Song, groaning in the deep.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

12 responses to Whale Rider

  1. Ok, so after you AND Beth talking about it, Whalerider just moved to the No 1 spot on our Netflix list…..

  2. “maybe the only way to save the old ways is to break them”. wow. also: visually wow.
    I love you Jon.

  3. Sing for the Saviour..You and your team bless me so much because you Worship with more than your songs of praise.. Even the [wordless] music plucked out of every string and strum speaks of God’s glory..How wonderful it must sound to His ears! (And I wonder what it spells out!)

  4. Add to the movie queue: Whale Rider

    I’ve been hearning really good things about Whale Rider.
    Well, reading them, anyway, since I can’t for the life of me get any of my peeps down here to venture much beyond the standard Hollywood fare or anime.
    I’m going to have to rent th…

  5. Gonna find out more about this movie. Thanks for sharing. I think we’ve liked MOST of the movies you’ve recommended.

  6. Oh yeah, I rented it shortly after it came out on video. Agreed! Fantastic movie isn’t it!?

  7. Bah, I need to watch that movie. I shall see it tomorrow! (After I finish an online class project heh)
    Hey Jon..what do you think of this:
    I’m just waiting for P. Dave’s “approval”. =)

  8. Kreek’t, it would be fun to have a church blog — but blurty is frustratingly slow.

  9. I saw it, I saw it! For a moment I thought I was in terrible lag, but great story. Now I can totally relate to the question (and insight) of your “breaking to save” remark. And I learned a very important lesson: You can ride whales! =-P

  10. i am doing an oral presentation on Whale Rider and your information helped me thank you.

  11. Dass da bombest movie eva watched man… SHOUT OUT 2 mah MAORI SIDDAHS out derre… aiiiight… touchin’ story n film… man…loved every minute of it***peace n owwwwwwwwwwwwt