What I miss / What I like

September 19, 2005

Water-free urinals
– Cafeteria in the same building
– Flavored creamer thingies
Alex Stepanov‘s programming class
– My coffee peeps

– A real office, with a window
– Sushi and soba stations in the cafeteria
– “Here’s your office, here’s your desktop, and here’s your laptop
– Wi-fi iChatting work-from-anywhere culture
I am Windows-free!!

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

12 responses to What I miss / What I like

  1. Wow! Cool! The “here’s your laptop is always sweet.” Can’t comment on the urinals, as I’ve never heard of them. Which is no big surprise as I frequent the ladies room, not the men’s room! lol
    I’m so glad you finally made it to Apple! Yay!!

  2. Check out the urinal link — I like the way the smiling lady is there to highlight the “stylish design.”
    And in case you missed my Apple announcement, check it out.

  3. Jon, you think the woman with the urinals is funny until you realize they use them too:
    http://www.restrooms.org/urinals.html (No scary pics)

  4. Somehow, I just knew that female urinals would be mentioned here! I am more familiar with the Japanese solution, which is touch-free and unisex. The better models use water only according to the need (basically you select #1 or #2). But on the best, the water refilling the tank is accessible for you to wash your hands, so you save that water as well.

  5. lol Thanks for the laugh, Jon. Oh my! The Japanese solution is very.. um descriptive! lol

  6. No more flooding
    Ha. I recall the urinals getting awfully full, if not actually flooding, when they first put them on my floor. Haven’t had that problem so much lately, so I guess they fixed something.

  7. Actually, Jon, Japan is changing a lot, and almost everywhere has “western” toilets, and fewer and fewer Japanese women even want to use the Japanese style toilets. Young people especially shy away from them. (at least in the city – the countryside is probably a little different) I personally notice that bathrooms with only Western toilets smell a lot better. But you forgot to mention the most amusing part – lots of Japanese toilets have a water-sound player, so that no one can overhear you “going”. I hear this saves lots of water, because, previously, Japanese women always had to flush to make a covering sound. So, during and after flushes.
    Just had to get my two cents worth in!

  8. Andrea!
    Yes, I did fail to mention that with public toilets, the Japanese ones are invariably stinky for some reason. And I suppose there aren’t many homes with traditional toilets anymore.
    Too funny about the sound player!

  9. oh man, i hate water free urinals. the idea is great and i’m all for conservation and whatnot, but in practice, they smell…bad.

  10. Except when they don’t drain, the ones where I work aren’t that bad, smellwise. I think they even put some kind of citrusy stuff in it which makes the loo smell better.

  11. so instead of water, they waste smelly citrusy stuff?

  12. I was just at a theater in Santa Barbara and they had ice cubes in the urinals with a sign that said: “Please don’t flush. The ice keeps out odors.”